Sunday , 18 March 2018

You Won’t See This On The Nightly News

By Christine Hockin-Boyd, Community Lifeline Center

A Community Lifeline Center client needed help on her apartment rent. A hard worker, she is both a teacher’s aide and managed household finances quite well until her husband’s cancer diagnosis. She had to drive him to treatments, so in relatively short order she used up all her sick days, and then began losing paid days. While her husband now qualifies for Social Security disability, it’s not enough to cover everything, so she is looking for part time summer work until school resumes. Community Lifeline Center was able to give her a little breathing room by partially covering rent so she can concentrate on finding a job.

A couple seeking assistance was referred to Community Lifeline Center. Husband and wife are veterans; both suffering from lung cancer – hers responding to treatment, his not so much. The wife struggled with hoarding, which was her way of coping with experiences during her service time. Her hoarding got them evicted from their apartment – they had to find a new place and use their electricity money as a down payment for rent. The Community Lifeline Center Veterans Case Manager coordinated among an array of service providers, including their Hospice Social Worker and electricity providers. The electricity bill was taken care of, and the wife is getting assistance through the VA. With the help she is getting she can focus on healing herself and spending time with her husband.

The crises are genuine, heart breaking, and never ending. But they’re not newsworthy. Not big enough to get headlines or TV news coverage, or to draw thousands of supporters and large donations. Not even big enough to have a charity gala named after them. Just average people who were prepared for everything but this.

So, you probably won’t read about the work Community Lifeline Center does, or see it on the nightly news. And, hopefully, you won’t ever need the services of Community Lifeline Center. But, know that while Community Lifeline Center may serve in obscurity, to the nearly 500 individuals and families who are helped each month, they serve with grace.

Crises are like making donations: they remind us what’s really important in life. Give generously.


Community Lifeline Center strengthens communities in North Collin County by guiding residents in crisis
back to self-sufficiency and independence.


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