Thursday , 26 April 2018

You Made It Happen

The Community Lifeline Center helped 89 local children return to school on August 22 adequately supplied. Individuals and organizations in the area rallied to the call for help with school supplies, and both hygiene kits and supplies listed on respective school lists were donated to the Center. Those, in turn, were delivered to clients of the CLC in time for the first week of school.

This year, the Center received 12 children’s hygiene kits and 77 school supply kits (primary, elementary, high school, and head start). These contributions enabled youngsters to enter their classrooms with their heads held high as they carried in the same supplies their peers did. For these kiddos, though, purchasing the same supplies with the family’s limited budgets would have been a hardship, if doing so was even possible. Knowing this often makes children feel guilty because what they need for school requires a sacrifice for others in the family.

One mother delivered supplies to the CLC and shared the fact that her own child had selected them. But instead of enjoying them himself, he decided to donate the new supplies and to use last year’s leftovers himself. This mom and young fellow are commended for showing such great compassion for his peers.

All who donated cash or goods for the back-to-school drive are appreciated. Thank you from the Community Lifeline Center and from almost 100 area children for your generosity and sensitivity. To learn of others ways to help, visit or call the Center at 972-542-0020.

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