Sunday , 22 April 2018

You Are Cordially Invited … to Say No

By Deborah Viapiana-Ricci, TSB Contributor

How many of us know the difference between over-extending ourselves and doing just enough?

I would bet that most of us do, indeed, recognize the disparity between them. Alright, then, why aren’t we satisfied with doing just enough? We clutter our calendars and our lives with a “To-Do List” that would choke a goat. And, the really sad part of this all too familiar story is that we are the authors. We feel driven for whatever reason(s), to keep moving the line in the sand … more, more, bigger, bigger, better, better! But, for whom?

For the past few days, I have been in a state of awestruck sadness over the news we received that a very close friend of ours has had a stoke. She is 39 years old. How do you wrap your mind around that? Is there a message? And if so, what is the message?

Here’s what I am taking away from it all. Most of us feel overwhelmingly compelled to say “Yes” to most any “invitation” that comes our way. Oh, and these “invitations” seem to be able to sneak into our backdoors with the best intentions. But, here’s the bad news. Every single time we say “Yes” to one of these insidious invites, we are really saying “No” to an even more important one — an invitation to take better care of ourselves and our families.

What would happen if our kids only did one sport or activity per season? (Keep in mind, if you have more than one kid, do the math!) Just imagine how much time, energy, gas, and not to mention money could be saved and utilized in a more more healthy and productive way. Think about what goes into any given day to prepare for the grand onslaught of activities we and our children are saying “Yes” to.

And, because time is never on our side, we rush from one game, class, or activity to another in such a frenetic fashion, who the heck feels like cooking once we finally arrive home, much too tired to even think about preparing a healthy sit-down dinner? This of course begs the ever popular question: “Take out or pizza”? And, guess what, tomorrow morning, we get to wake up and do it all again! Really?

What do you say we make a plan for more calm in our lives and less cluter? Will it feel like a huge undertaking? It absolutely will, at first. But, little by little, saying no to one thing at a time, we will begin to notice subtle changes and with those changes will come amazing new patterns of behavior, which will in turn give us the strength and wherewithal to keep a pace of Grace in our daily round. I promise you!

I will leave you with this to ponder. A friend once told me “good enough is good enough.” At the time, I wasn’t sure I could buy it, but I did eventually decide to bring it home and put it to good use. So here’s an invitation I want you to wholeheartedly accept. “You are cordially invited to join me for the event of a lifetime … Yours! R.S.V.P A.S.A.P.”

Deborah Viapiana-Ricci is a freelance writer living in the “Hood” with her husband, Wil. She can be found editing her “To-Do List” at this very minute! Write her with your thoughts…

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