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Woman with an Extraordinary Faith and Balance is Breast Cancer Survivor

It has been quite a long time since I had met a woman with immeasurable faith, strong and determined to live each day of her life as if it was something truly extraordinary, an easygoing woman with the gift of self-improvement in love with life and being happy.

Her expressive eyes and smiling face are evidence of a happy woman.  Graciela opened the doors to her home to share her extraordinary story that I’m going to share with you.

Graciela de Pau, a woman that dresses in pink with strong faith and a new look, has survived breast cancer and received Marcelo, her son, as a miracle sent from heaven.

In a harmonious ambience, light colors, soft light and a proud posture Graciela stated, “I can define the word miracle with one single word, Marcelo, my son.”

At that moment, it became so evident how a mother’s love goes far above all other emotions, as well as how a mother can overcome anything even death just by simply experiencing that unconditional love, eternal and pure, her love of her child. 

Graciela de Pau, born in Brownsville, TX and of Mexican background, found out at five months into her pregnancy that she was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer.  “My first reaction was not to be angry with God, quite the opposite, I took a deep breath and I told myself “I know I’m not going to die.  I’m not going to let this disease sicken my soul nor remain in my body,” Graciela stated.

Graciela de Pau is a strong, determined and visionary woman with the gift to lead, confident with her and with a positive attitude towards life in spite of the adversities due to physical and emotional loss that she has had to live, is and always has been a happy woman that loves life.  “ I consider myself a loved woman that knows how to love,” she confirmed.

One of the things that I definitely learned from Graciela is that without a doubt the power of prayer and God’s Word are key to living a spiritual, physical and emotionally healthy life.

“I’m at peace with myself.  In my soul lives hope, and I’m convinced that I’m going to recover.  In each moment of the day I pray, meditate and visualize me affirming positively that the cancer has left body and that only my healthy recovery resides inside me,” Graciela expressed with confidence and with some tears in her eyes.

The first loss that Graciela experienced was when she was eleven years old when she suffered the loss of her father, a difficult death to overcome, but at the same time it made her stronger and made her an important support for her mother and brother.  Her father died from cancer, a brain tumor consumed him leading him to his death; however, this is not linked to Graciela’s breast cancer.

Graciela met the love of her life at the University of Baylor in Waco, TX and married in 2004.  After living a happy and full marriage, she suffered the pain of three miscarriages because of different circumstances regarding her health.

Graciela has to have a surgery in which 25% of her uterus was removed and one of her tubes is sealed; however, never giving up and wanting to be a mother, she sought hormone therapy, In vitro fertilization and osteopathic treatment without obtaining an immediate result.

“Believing in God and knowing His Word, as well as having God in my mind, seeking God and welcoming him into my life, has given me the necessary strength to overcome breast cancer.  I’m a happy woman, positive that I’ve left the stress behind.  I am joyful of life.  God has given me the spiritual ability to overcome this and adversities that are to come”, Graciela maintained a light smile and with eyes full of promising confidence.

Graciela is woman that enjoyed professional success with a career in psychology, first taking on the role of pre-k teacher and later on as a middle school principal, without any doubts and tired of the stress she lived in Dallas, decided to uproot with her husband to Malaysia.

While living in Malaysia, she went through osteopathy therapy, changed her diet and began to live in a healthier manner; however, fate brought them back to Dallas.

Completely captivated and moved by Graciela’s story, we heard the cries of Marcelo, her baby, from afar.  Our interview was briefly interrupted while she went to care for him, as I attempted to discern this incredible story with a profound breath and the thought of “it’s a great battle.”

Graciela stated when she returned to the interview, “somehow God fills us with enough wisdom and faith in difficult times to make us into tireless warriors.”  When I heard this phrase “tireless warriors”, a strong feeling of empathy to life came to my heart.

Graciela de Pau, is a happy woman that lives motherhood at 100%, and she wants to share her story with other women living this same situation as well as those who have no idea what breast cancer is.

She urges all women of all ages to get informed about breast cancer, to change their diets, to get frequent check ups and most importantly to live life one day at a time with a smile and with a good taste for living.

Graciela de Pau went through four aggressive treatments of chemotherapy while she was pregnant and 12 more after the birth of her baby, a total of 16 chemotherapy sessions each lasting 4 to 6 hours.

Now Graciela is a woman that counts on a victorious soul at the end of her chemotherapy and celebrates with her bags packed ready to travel to go visit her family.

Graciela ends the interview by saying, “There is life after cancer, it’s not a death sentence.”

“A woman’s heart makes the world go round.” Miriam Hurtado.

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