Wednesday , 20 June 2018

With Valentine’s Day Approaching, `Dear Tallulah’ Debuts on TSB

Have a burning relationship question? Send your anonymous love questions to to receive Tallulah’s advice.

Dear Tallulah,

My religion is different then my boyfriend’s. I don’t want this to come between our relationship but his parents are pushing me to convert. They look down upon me as if their religion is better than mine. What should I do?

Frustrated In McKinney

Dear Frustrated in McKinney,

Religion, or lack there of, can have a large impact on many aspects of our lives, from our morals and values to social and personal lives. The question I have is this… Does your difference in religion have an impact on your relationship now? The relationship is between you and your partner. It is not up to your partner’s (or your) parents how you two should live YOUR lives. Talk about it between the two of you and find out how you want spirituality to take part in your lives. If marriage is on the horizon, this conversation is better had now than later.

~Tallulah Bell

Dear Tallulah,

How can I do Valentine’s Day on the cheap without ending up in the doghouse?

Valentine Lover

Dear Valentine Lover,

There is a lot of pressure that comes with this lovely holiday that we call Valentines Day. Those that are single struggle with the prospect of being alone and those in a relationship struggle with expectations and worries of making it the perfect day. No worries, you worry wart!

There are many things you can do to show you love your partner without spending an arm and a leg. Cooking a romantic dinner for two at home can often be more special than eating out and fighting the crowds. Take the time to plan a menu that involves your partner’s favorite foods. Buy some fabric at a fabric store for an inexpensive tablecloth and head over to the local dollar store for some candles.

After dinner, cuddle and watch a movie or play a couple’s conversation game that can bring you two closer. Trust me… the ladies love to converse and all men love a happy lady!

~Tallulah Bell

Dear Tallulah,

My husband won’t give me his password to his Facebook account? He says I should trust him. I say, if he has nothing to hide, then I should be able to have it. Admittedly, I think he might be having an online affair.

Facebook Fanatic

Dear Facebook Fanatic,

Social media provides us with the ability to be “in the know” any time of day, but it also brings out the best and the worst in people. Where are these worries coming from? Just because he won’t share his password with you, doesn’t mean he is having an affair. Are there other signs of infidelity? Has he had an online affair before? Does this fit his character? You are the only one with the answers. Go with your gut. Really think it through; this could be as small as something like your husband wanting something to remain his and only his. Some men struggle with the notion of EVERYTHING having to be shared. Every thought in our mind comes from somewhere and it manipulates the way we live and the way we think. If you are concerned about an affair, then ask yourself why? Chances are, your thoughts stem from an inner insecurity or your boyfriend is really cheating. Either way, it’s an issue that needs to be fixed.

~Tallulah Bell

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