Thursday , 26 April 2018

Why You Should Consider Moving to McKinney (If You’re Not Already Here)

By Aimee Claire, TSB Contributor


Founded in 1848, McKinney is one of the oldest towns in North Texas. It also happens to be one of the best places to live in America – according to not only the 136,100 people that live here but also by CNN/Money Magazine.  In 2012, the publication ranked the city as the second best place to live in America. It truly is, “Unique by Nature.”

Getting settled in a new city can be a challenge, but that challenge becomes much easier when that city offers so much.  Many people think that McKinney is a sleepy little town just on the fringes of Dallas, but it has so much to offer with plenty of housing options, low taxes, and a booming economy.  So, why not rent a pickup truck and relocate to McKinney?

A little history

Pioneers hoping for a fresh start with lots of land originally settled McKinney.  In fact, many of the original settlers were given as many as 640 acres of land, a gun, and assistance in building a cabin – all for free!  Back then the area was called Peter’s Colony.  Though life in the frontier was a challenge, the settlers built prosperous lives and a thriving community.  It is that deep-rooted perseverance that allows for such a promising future for new residents.

The city’s rich pioneer history is a unique one that has influenced the development of McKinney throughout the years – it’s what attracts residents, businesses, and visitors to the community even today.  Tree-lined streets, a charming historic downtown, excellent educational opportunities, a robust business atmosphere, and a diverse community all contribute to the city’s appeal.  Very few towns have such a strong sense of community.

What makes McKinney so great?

Located just 30 miles outside of Dallas, McKinney offers the picturesque serenity of a small town with all the modern conveniences of a major metropolitan area.  Filled with friendly people, green spaces, and a growing economy, McKinney also happens to be one of the fastest growing cities in the United States.  In addition, the strong school system and low crime rates also help the community to blossom.

Once a person has visited McKinney, for either business or pleasure, the decision to move to the city becomes an easy one.  The real estate alone beckons families interested in getting the most value for their money.  Whether one wants a quaint starter home in one of the many up-and-coming neighborhoods, a maintenance free modern condo, a super-chic loft, a historic Victorian, or a million-dollar mansion, McKinney has it all.  In addition, with one of the best school districts in the region, there’s no question the city is ideal for families.

The historic downtown square offers numerous shops, restaurants, and pubs – all with a warm and welcoming charm.  The assortment of art galleries, specialty shops, and antique stores will give any major city a run for its money.  And for those that love the arts, there is a theatre that features an excellent array of entertainment throughout the year.

Still growing…

Without its solid economy and plenty of room for growth, McKinney wouldn’t be one of the best places to live, so the city is very business-friendly and offers an economic diversity unseen in many towns of its stature.  A robust mix of manufacturing, office, and retail, some of the country’s biggest companies have operations here, including Raytheon, United American Insurance, and Lattimor Materials.

Economic growth is complemented by the city’s environmental efforts and its move to a more sustainable way of living.  All new office buildings within city limits are constructed using green building methods and meet the stringent standards of LEED certification.

McKinney also benefits from its close proximity to both Dallas Fort Worth Airport and Collin County Regional Airport.  This town is definitely a prime location for commuters, businesses, and homes.

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