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Who’s the Ink Hog?

HP Officejet Pro 8600
Ink Hog!


For 14 months we have been selling to inkjet printer customers an all-in-one Brother Wireless Printer that we are convinced is the most economical and durable printer for under $100.  We have converted nearly 2

50 of our customers who owned other printer brands to this printer because they were disgusted and dismayed over the ever-rising cost of ink.  They felt betrayed by the promise of cheaper printing costs and the disappointment that even though BY LAW ink cartridges must be designed for refilling, the end result in many cases of that process makes for an ineffective cartridge. 

Not Ink Hog!

That’s not to say we at Rapid Refill Ink can’t tackle even the hardest, most ornery brands out there, but why should we put our treasured customers through the hat tricks involved in resetting a printer and pushing extra buttons EVERY TIME you need to print something.  Why? Why? Why? 

Indulge me for one minute and read the article posted below and come visit with us as soon as you can!



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Ounce for ounce, computer printer ink can cost more than fine champagne, making it one of the most expensive liquids out there.

CanonWhen Consumer Reports’ readers complained their print ink seemed to be disappearing, testers got on the case. They found extra ink is gobbled up if the printer hasn’t been used in a while.

“If you print infrequently, that could mean more ink used for maintenance chores like cleaning the print heads,” said Paul Reynolds of Consumer Reports.

Testers worked to figure out exactly how much ink actually makes it onto the paper. They printed a page 30 times, intermittently over a three-week period.

The worst models – the HP Officejet Pro 8600 and the Lexmark OfficeEdge Pro 4000 – used as much as $120 worth of ink a year on maintenance chores. That ink was never used to print anything.

Testers found most brands have printers that used a lot of ink, but there are models that are easy on ink. 

“If they can keep ink usage down for some, they should be able to keep it down for all their printers,” Reynolds said.

After dozens of tests, one brand stood out: Brother. All three models tested were frugal with ink at start-up. Consumer Reports says the Brother DCP-J140W is a best buy at $80.

To save ink, try printing all at once rather than every few days, and leave the printer on between jobs. The tiny amount of standby power used will cost much less than the ink used up when the printer turns on.

Reporter: Monica Laliberte
Producer: Jenn Sorber Smith
Web Editor: Angie Basiouny

Copyright 2013 Consumers Union of U.S., Inc. All rights reserved.

TTrudy Whitneyrudy and Bill Whitney are the owners of Rapid Refill Ink, an independently owned retail franchise that refills and remanufactures inkjet and laser/toner cartridges for office and home printers. In an effort to encourage recycling, empty cartridges are brought to the store that can be reused many times.  Sustainable and recycled products were utilized in the build out of the shop located in McKinney.  Rapid Refill now also offers Printer Repair and Shredding Services.  For more information call 972.548.9393 or email The above comments represent the thoughts of our local business entity and may not reflect those of others.

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