Monday , 23 April 2018

Where to Watch the World Series in McKinney?

I am reaching out to the great people in the City of McKinney for serious advice. Where is the best place to watch the upcoming World Series?

Will you be watching? If so, where? Where are the best drink and food specials? What establishment’s fans have the most energy? The most accessible televisions? Should we start a rating system for places in McKinney where sports are shown?

I only ask because on Saturday night, I happened to watch the ALCS Championship Game at a local bar with several friends and to my dismay, halfway thru the game, they decided the delightful sound of karaoke was a better alternative than the CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!

I understand that if the regular patrons were not able to sing their horrific and depressing ballads, life would end as we know it, but come on people! Yes, the Rangers were dominating, but that makes it that much more exciting!

After several complaints, they turned off the karaoke and the game resumed. Unfortunately the depressing and nails on a chalkboard type singing began again immediately after the game. (Does anyone else have an issue that Karaoke is the exact same everywhere in McKinney? But that’s another story…)

The end result consisted of groups of people testing their lip reading skills during the trophy presentation and the MVP presentation. CRUZ! While the interpretations were funny, I would rather see the real thing. This place has great food and good specials but I cannot handle the slow country music interrupting a championship game!

Where do you go? Let me know!

Editor’s Note: The Texas Rangers play the St. Louis Cardinals in the best-of-seven 2011 Fall Classic beginning Wednesday, Oct. 19, at 7 p.m. on FOX.

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