Thursday , 26 April 2018

What Is That Car Noise?

Have you ever heard yourself asking that very question? It can be about a noise in the house, the yard, the air conditioner or heater in your house, but that is not the noise I am talking about. I’m talking about the noise, or in some cases the noises your car makes when it is trying to tell you it needs some attention.

Either a repair, some oil, power steering fluid, or some water in the radiator. You drive your car to and from work and play every day, nobody knows how your car sounds and feels better than you do, whether you realize it or not! Turning up the radio to drown out the noise, or ignoring it is not the answer, paying attention to when and under what conditions it is making a noise is.

I have been the owner of an auto repair shop for longer than I care to admit, and no matter how funny or strange the noise is in your car, chances are your mechanic has heard the noise before on another customers car. If you will acknowledge first that you do indeed have a noise or “something just feels different” with your car, pay attention to what makes it make the different feel or noisy sound.

Does it occur when you are braking, turning, accelerating, moving/rolling, if so at what speed, with or without the air conditioner on, first thing in the morning when the engine is cold or only after the engine gets hot? The more you can tell a mechanic about when you issue is occuring the better able he will be to fix your problem.

Cars are so complex now, with electronic everything anymore that your input of the details of the problem, no matter how minor the detail seems to you, helps the technician with his diagnosis. If you have someone you trust working on your car, and it is indeed a driving/rolling noise, ask the service writer you are talking to or the techician to ride with you so you can duplicate the noise or different feeling to him. The reasons for the ride are many, but the main one is to make sure he hears what you hear, a good technician may hear or feel things you are not even noticing on the drive, which may or may not be related to the issue you are there for.

I read an article in the Dallas Morning News just last week, and on Yahoo the week previous that 80% of the cars on the road are in need of some type of repair, so you are definetly not alone if your car needs some work.The information I listed above will save you money in the long run because your mechanic will at least have a place to start looking, instead of changing parts out to find a non-descriptive noise. Throwing your keys on the counter and saying “my car is making a noise” and leaving it without describing what you hear/feel could wind up costing you a small fortune, some aggravation, and the time involved in bringing it back to the shop because it is still not fixed.

You know when something is wrong with your body, your car is the same way, it will usually give you a warning that something is about to go wrong. Turn the radio down and listen, the money you save will be your own!

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