Tuesday , 24 April 2018

What I Hate About Dogs

I have been surrounded by dogs my whole life, as wonderful members
of the family, and each unique and special in their own way…amazing
and loving companions.

I was living alone in Dallas Texas, and was saddened by the ending of a love affair when I decided that I should embrace the company of a new dog in my life. Little did I know what kind of a ride I was about to
embark upon, when I met my best friend and soul mate…a little dog I
will never be able to forget, nor would I ever wish to.

I named her Kiah, which I read in a naming book meant “A new beginning”
in African. (Before the car Kia, I might add) I did not take but a
few days with my new Maltese pup to determine something was very
different about this tiny white pooch.

Our first social outing was at a pool party while visiting friends at a
palatial home in Palm Beach, Florida. I sat Kiah, all one pound of
fur, under a shade tree on her blanket before venturing to join friends
in the swimming pool. Suddenly, and much to everyone’s amazement, this
tiny white ball of fluff timidly inched her way toward the pool, jumped
in and ferociously swam toward me.

Needless to say from that moment on, and over the course of the next
ten and a half years, we were rarely separated from one another. Kiah
and I were living in Dallas where I was contracted with the Kim Dawson
agency as a fashion model, as was Kiah on occasion as well.  She and I
would pop into the agency, attend bookings, and appointments together,
and traveled extensively! Instinctively this little pup would crawl
into my purse bow her head down and rest quietly, while we took trains,
planes, buses, dined in fancy restaurants, and were guests in elaborate
five star hotels, all the while no one ever knew our little secret!

We enjoyed many picnics together along side Turtle Creek, and went for
our early morning Roller Blading exercise, wearing Kiah on my chest in
her puppy pouch, her long silky white coat blowing back. She attended
her weekly grooming appointment at an upscale Dallas pet salon where
she was meticulously coiffed for her busy schedule of activities and
social events.

We attended hundreds of parties, and charity events where Kiah even had
her own jacket designed for her annual runway sashay for the annual
DIFFA show (design industry foundation fighting aids) A little wardrobe
fitting for a princess, which she adored…quite the party girl, the
social butterfly, always in my arm stretching to try a sip of a glass
of wine or Bellini…oops! Everyone whom I knew or met had the
opportunity to know and love Kiah.

Kiah was there when I was married, and her picture in hand for the
birth of my first child.  She was such a special and kind soul!
Together we opened a beautiful pet resort where we began to spend even
more time together, among all of her new found pet friends. While
expecting my second child, Kiah stayed at the pet resort while I
visited family in Toronto, when she had a heart attack, and was being
treated by a dog cardiologist. Words cannot describe the utter
devastation, fear, and horror at the thought of losing her. Unable to
fly home I was forced to pace the floors awaiting updates from her
doctor, who after two days lost her.

Dogs are such amazing little creatures each one in their own who exude
love, kindness and acceptance unconditionally and always.

WHAT I HATE ABOUT DOGS….they just don’t live long enough!!!

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