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What Every Teenager Should Learn Before Leaving Home – Part 2

What Every Teenager Should Learn Before Leaving Home – Part 2

What Every Teenager Should Learn Before Leaving Home – Part 2

Welcome back! Last week, I went over the first two skills. In case you missed them, they are as follows. Skill #1: Money Management – Budgeting monthly expenses, needs versus wants, savings, future planning, paying bills, and balancing accounts. Skill #2: Life Organization – Daily schedules, time management, balancing school/work/activities, goal setting, and home orderliness and cleaning.

This week, we are going to talk about the next two important skills, which are often not thought of when preparing your teenager for independence.

Skill #3:    Appearances and Laundry: What clothes and shoes to own and wear for certain occasions, proper presentation, and how to do all types of laundry.

Many teens and some adults are not sure how to properly do their laundry and have never picked up an iron. Dry cleaning can get very expensive. If done properly, you can save a lot of money doing your own. Even though it may hardly be used, it is a good idea for your child to learn to iron in the event it is ever needed. Most apartments and such do not have a washer and dryer in the unit, so you may want to take your child to a Laundromat so it will not be so foreign to him later. Most important tips are to always read the care labels on the clothing, wash darks with darks, wash white/light loads together, and air dry items that cannot go into the dryer. Many of the dry clean only items can be hand washed, and everything else can be washed in cold water to be safe.

In regards to appearances, a good rule of thumb is to always dress conservative and look nice in important situations. How we present ourselves says a lot about who we are before we open our mouth. If you want people to see you in a certain way, then live that way. Respectable body language is equally essential. A good suggestion to make to your child is for her to look in the mirror before leaving home and ask herself “Do I look like someone I would want to meet?” If the answer is no, then she should go back and change whatever needs to be changed in order to achieve the correct image.

Skill #4:    Cooking: How to work all appliances, learn how to cook favorite meals and grocery shop, and proper dining etiquette.

Numerous teenagers only know how to cook with a microwave. The main reasons are it is quick, uncomfortable with what foods and seasonings go together, and are not sure what temperatures to use when heating certain items. After moving out, most of their meals usually consist of fast food and prepackaged items. Have you ever heard the phrase “The Freshman Fifteen?” It is referring to the extra fifteen pounds college students gain after moving out from their parent’s house. I think one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give your teenager is a cookbook with all of their favorite dishes, and detailed instructions on how to prepare certain foods. It will not only provide some relief and good thoughts of you, but also give him a comfort feeling of home. If you do not cook a lot at home, maybe you could pick out some recipes that you and your child can learn together.

There are great “Preparing for a Career & Moving Out on Your Own” life skills classes and summer camps offered for teens ages 12-18 years old in Frisco and McKinney, to assist in teaching these vital life management skills. They are very affordable and comprehensive. If interested, you can check the Frisco Fun Activity Guide online at (Summer Camp Class Code 14738) and the McKinney Parks Activity Guide online at (Summer Camp Class Code 132471) for upcoming dates and times available. Registrations for classes are offered online, phone, or in-person. Space is limited and classes fill up quickly, so I recommend enrolling as soon as possible.

Another extremely useful class offered for children ages 4-16 years is the “Etiquette & Life Skills” summer camps and classes. They are located at the same locations as the “Preparing for a Career & Moving Out on Your Own” classes. Both programs provide the necessary tools your child needs for success in today and on into their future.

Look forward to seeing you again soon for the next set of skills! For questions and upcoming class dates and information, contact

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