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What Every Teenager Should Learn Before Leaving Home – Part 1

What Every Teenager Should Learn Before Leaving Home – Part 1

What Every Teenager Should Learn Before Leaving Home – Part 1

If your child were to move out of the house today, would he or she be prepared to live successfully on their own? If the answer is no, you might want to start preparing him now. There are six important life management skills necessary for successful independence. Over the course of the next two weeks, I will be presenting those six essential skills along with some helpful tips, here on the Town Square Buzz site. 

Skill #1:    Money Management : Budgeting monthly expenses, needs versus wants, savings, future planning, paying bills, and balancing accounts.

If you were to ask a teenager what he thinks he will need to live out on his own, you would probably hear something like TV, video games, apartment, car, cell phone, food, and going out money. Chances are you wouldn’t hear bed or something to sleep on, electricity, insurances, cooking and dining items, gasoline, groceries, and money for laundry machines and such. Most teens do not have any idea how much things cost and what needs to take place in order to have the lifestyle they would like to live. It can be quite an awakening!

Skill #2:    Life Organization: Daily schedules, time management, balancing school/work/activities, goal setting, and home orderliness and cleaning.

Up until now, you, the parent have probably been the one responsible for your child getting to school and activities on time, and making sure she has everything she needs for the day. For years, she has been working in autopilot mode and now she is going to live on her own without daily reminders. It doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds. You can start working with your child on time management and schedules. In addition, teaching her how to clean and have home orderliness to create a place of comfort. The alternative is to live in a big mess and never being able to find the items she needs. Which isn’t the end of the world, but it is a good habit to form. Developing a sense of organization can positively affect the other areas of her life. Past studies have shown that most people that come home to a clean house have a more positive outlook and productivity than those who do not.

There are great “Preparing for a Career & Moving Out on Your Own” life skills classes and summer camps offered for teens ages 12-18 years old in Frisco and McKinney, to assist in teaching these vital life management skills. They are very affordable and comprehensive. If interested, you can check the Frisco Fun Activity Guide online at (Summer Camp Class Code 14738) and the McKinney Parks Activity Guide online at (Summer Camp Class Code 132471) for upcoming dates and times available. Registrations for classes are offered online, phone, or in-person. Space is limited and classes fill up quickly, so I recommend enrolling as soon as possible.

Another extremely useful class offered for children ages 4-16 years is the “Etiquette & Life Skills” summer camps and classes. They are located at the same locations as the “Preparing for a Career & Moving Out on Your Own” classes. Both programs provide the necessary tools your child needs for success in today and on into their future.

Look forward to seeing you again soon for the next set of skills! For questions and upcoming class dates and information, contact

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