Tuesday , 19 June 2018

Want the latest McKinney dirt? It’s all about who you know!

Being a Realtor is a lot like being a reporter or a therapist.  We see and hear everyone’s dirty laundry, literally!  And it’s true, everybody seems to know everybody in McKinney.  Or so Facebook got you up to speed in a jiffy.  But if you want the real dirt you must know a local photographer that sees and hears everything, not to mention captures it all on film. 

My go-to-photog is Stephanie Pesano at Amewsme Photography.  You may have seen their work featured in McKinney Living, Piccola Online Magazine, and they are the band photographer for McKinney’s own Final Four.   Not only does Stephanie handle all of my real estate photo business, she also hands on wrangles my kiddoes down long enough to get a few shots of them pretending to get along.  And she does it in a way that makes them relax and actually smile – unheard of for three broody teenagers.

A few times a year Amewsme offers D&D days, that’s Down & Dirty for those who don’t know.  These are in and out photo sessions around town that waste no time so you and your fam aren’t there long enough to start fighting in public.  Everybody has that one kid, or hubs that doesn’t see the point in family photos and really can turn a beautiful Christmas card pose in to a nightmare.  Not during D&D days!  Nope.  Not happening.  Not on Stephanie’s clock. 

Stephanie has found the golden key to photo shoots.  Because by the time you’re done, you’re thinking, sheesh that wasn’t so bad.  And it’s not.  Just last week, I took my kids to the D&D at the Cotton Mill.  My youngest was grumpy and refused to speak on the car ride over.  My oldest wore a wrinkled shirt and dirty boots.  My middle thought it was all about her.  Sounds fun right?  Did I mention I slept right through my 9:30 session and was lucky enough to get squeezed in at noon?

Turns out the broody teenagers looked like super hip rockers after all was said and done.  Who’d a thunk it?  Stephanie, that’s who.  She literally took a look at what she was working with, it wasn’t much mind you, and created the most organic, artistic shots.  I didn’t see what she saw, hell, I still don’t.  I really just wish my oldest would cut his hair.  But I digress.  We were there less than 30 minutes and I have so many great pics to choose from, I can’t decide on which one to use as my family Christmas card.  Now that’s a serious dilemma.

As we were waiting our turn to go in, we saw several families of varying demeanor and dress.  Couples, couture kiddos, some that brought their pets and a even those that would rival the Von Trapp family.   There were all types coming to get that perfect holiday greeting taken care of early in the season.  Stephanie and Nancy have seen and done it all and nothing phases them.  They know when to keep shooting and when the session is at its end.  Most importantly, they always get the shot.  Having a photographer and a stylist (and during the holidays they even have “elves”) helps the session move along at a clip level that even the most photo-unfriendly husband or toddler can deal with. 

Amewsme’s Down & Dirty sessions are offered a handful of times throughout the year, but you can book a full session at any time.  You better do it fast though, they are just about booked for this season.   If all that wasn’t enough, your images are, in fact, your images.  Although Amewsme does offer and sell custom greeting cards and all sorts of prints, canvases and albums, they don’t require that you purchase prints from them.  Your sitting fee includes an online gallery of your session. And their prices don’t pull too much on Momma’s purse strings.

So book your session now for your holiday cards, sports photos, headshots, newborns, weddings, parties, pets, etc…. they do it all.  As for me, I have checked that off my holiday list and am on to just being “nice” for Santa.   

Check out Stephanie in all her glory on her site  www.amewsme.com and be sure to read her blog as well blog.amewsme.com. 

And as always, if you have Real Estate business or would like to see what’s happening on the market in McKinney, you can find me on the facebook at www.facebook.com/McKinneyRE – and yes, Stephanie took my picture, too!

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