Wednesday , 25 April 2018
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TSB’s Weekly Pin: Fixing a Wood Floor How-To

Addicted to Pinterest? We are too. Each Monday, will be sharing a weekly Pinterest how-to based on some of our favorite pins on both TSB’s Pinterest page and right here on our home page.

This week’s DIY entry …

Wood Flooring Quick Fix


Furniture Polish & A Rag
How many time have you looked down at your wood floor only to notice that there is yet another scratch in it? Now, for some reason wood (and laminate) flooring was not designed to be dog, child or furniture proof; this how-to is for those of you out there with “lifestyle” inflicted or simple wear and tear damage to your once beautiful floors.

Many people forget about the little things in life intended to help us… such as furniture polish. But today we won’t be talking about actually polishing up any furniture, we’re going splash it all over the floor and watch it work its magic.

This method may seem fairly simple for some readers, but others out there may not have even considered how easy it is to fix a scratched up floor compared to the ways that many have been laboring over for days.

The first step is fairly self explanitory… Locate the nearest flooring in need of some attention.

Next you’ll need to grab a rag and that furniture polish mentioned above. Simply drip the polish anywhere the floor needs some life brought back to it or anywhere there is a scratch or gouge.

The last thing you need to do is grab your rag and work the polish into the wood. It may not seem like its doing much at first but as soon as you go over that first scratch and it disappears you’ll never want to try another trick for such a common problem.

Let us know how this works for you and send us some pictures of the before and after!

Don’t forget to check out TSB’S Pinterest page for more do it yourself projects and comment below to let us know what projects you would like to see next.

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