Saturday , 21 April 2018

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: You Must See `Her’ For She is Most Excellent

Can I just say that I am so glad Joaquin Phoenix is back to normal?

After his weird publicity stunt for I’m Still Here, he has truly excelled as a reluctant, emotionally confused man. His performance in Spike Jonze’s Her, a charming film about Theodore, who falls in love with his operating system, deserves an award. The premise is undoubtedly strange, but the film’s approach is sincere and honest regarding some of the more real situations that come with any relationship. And to be honest, the idea of an operating system that develops on its own is not so far fetched.

Phoenix did an amazing job conveying his insecurities and fear while still being a man with emotional and physical needs. His conversations and feeling towards his OS, Samantha, played brilliantly by Scarlett Johansson, are authentic and moving. Johansson needs to be nominated, although the policy in Hollywood says no. She was able to give a performance so convincing it seemed she was on screen.

Now, as a general rule I don’t particularly like Amy Adams, but she did a good job partly because she wasn’t on screen a lot but mainly because this performance felt real. It wasn’t as forced as all of her other roles.

Overall, this film is about what exactly defines relationships and what people need from them. Its funny at times and sad at others, but mostly, it’s well acted, unique and touching.

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