Monday , 23 April 2018
the lego movie

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: The LEGO Movie is Built for Success and a Must See

Everyone’s a hero in their own way, so long as you believe in yourself. An ordinary LEGO construction worker, who is wrongly believed to be a skilled MasterBuilder, is asked to join in the fight against an evil oppressor in the newly released The LEGO Movie.

One of most amazing aspects of this film was the attention to detail to ensure that everything really did look like it was made of LEGO, like the clouds or fire. Packed with adult humor like, exploiting the lengths people will go to for name-brand coffee, the film also offers appropriate child humor. With an all-star cast consisting of Morgan Freeman, Will Arnett, Channing Tatum and Elizabeth Banks, the film can’t fail. The LEGO Movie encompasses action, romance, friendship and teamwork and it’s sure to be an Oscar contender for next year.

However, some critics have found the undertones of fighting crippling capitalism and “unleashing your inner MasterBuilder” to be too political. But dissecting children’s movies, particularly ones that have a lot of different messages,could have multiple agendas that blanket the whole political realm. If that’s really what’s concerning you, maybe you shouldn’t go to the movies anymore.

I urge you to see this film full of imagination and heart. There is plenty in the film to conjure up feeling of nostalgia if you ever played with LEGO’s and if, on the off chance you haven’t, go buy some! 

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