Sunday , 20 May 2018

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: RoboCop Is Different Than That ’80s Version You Remember

robocopIn the year 2028, when Detective Alex Murphy is seriously injured in the line of duty, global conglomerate OmniCorp seizes their chance to put a man in a machine. RoboCop is the shiny remodel based on the 1987 original, however it isn’t as graphic.

And that’s fine.

Before I go any further, I have a confession. I love terrible ’80’s action movies. There. I said it. I liked the original RoboCop quite a bit, and most of the criticism surrounding the film is that it isn’t like its predecessor. Good! I like that they changed the plot a little bit (no spoilers here!) and I really liked the new visual effects.

Joel Kinnaman, playing Alex Murphy, kills it as the robotic officer. His emotional spectrum is on full display in this film, from the doting father to an emotionless killer, he truly does the part justice. Samuel L. Jackson knocks it out of the park, playing the Bill O’Reillyesque Pat Novak. With his belligerent propaganda and hilarious monologues, he is a great watch. Abbie Cornish was the true robot in this film. Her emotional range was either crying or staring off in the distance.

Most of the visual effects worked really well,however the only complaint I have is the scene where Murphy is deconstructed from his suit. Not only did the scene feel unnecessary and it wasted time but it also looked really bad.

With awesome explosions and cool robotic suits,I give the new RoboCop a 7/10. Dead or Alive…..give it a chance!

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