Monday , 28 May 2018

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: Pompeii is a Volcanic Disaster

pompeii Volcanic Eruptions, doomed love and … Keifer Sutherland?

Pompeii, a film chronicling a young gladiator fighting for freedom and love, is set against the back drop of a historic weather event. This film serves as a poor man’s Gladiator mixed with Titanic. Poor cinematography, a bad cast and a cliché script make this film unforgettable in an embarrassing way.

Keifer Sutherland as a Roman Senator with a sort-of English accent, is as cringe-worthy as it sounds. His casting left me confused and wondering why he agreed to the film in the first place. His linear character development and predictable actions were boring and unnecessary. In fact, that could be said of the entire film. Most of the fight sequences were choppy and, while the destruction of the city was adequate, the citizen casualties were laughable. But how well can you tell the story with a PG-13 rating?

The film was missing the gory reality that Gladiator had, and it was missing the strong character development Titanic had. The audience isn’t emotionally invested in the “love story” aspect of the film because its so overdone. The relationship between the fellow fighters, we’ve all seen before. There was absolutely nothing original about this story except, that there was a volcano instead of a giant iceberg.

It’s very rare that I would rather wait for a Volcano to erupt than pay attention to the main characters, but Pompeii managed that level of terrible. This is one film you can defiantly miss, or least wait till it comes out on DVD.

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