Monday , 23 April 2018

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: Make `Last Vegas’ A Last Resort

last vegasThis one is a story of four best friends since dinosaurs roamed the earth, reuniting for a bachelor party in Las Vegas.

The Last Vegas plot is predictable and tries to be like The Hangover, but with more Medicare jokes. I’m surprised that the AARP didn’t sponsor this film or at least hand out brochures. With all the geriatric jokes, the more sincere parts of the movie are dull and the audience is unattached during these moments.

Kevin Kline plays a redundant, overworked older man, who is doped up on Lipitor and looking for a fling. He comes off as an uncomfortable old man and in turn makes the audience feel uneasy.

Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro are clichéd and tiresome to watch. De Niro portrays what we have come to expect as his usual upset and displeased self. His character is so much like everything else he’s ever done, it brings the whole film down. Any time the movie seems to be headed in a different direction, his character drags it back down. It’s more the writing than his performance. I understand that as an actor, you should play to your type cast sometimes, but this time it was a miss for De Niro.

Morgan Freeman is the only actor who plays his part well. Freeman balances his father/son relationship well with his more youthful, playful side, all the while being believable. His warmth is accompanied by a surprising humor and delightful heart that allows the audience to breath a sigh of relief until the next horrible joke.

Last Vegas has the last laugh because I actually paid to see this movie. If you remove the clichés and the “hip” references this movie could be decent…maybe.

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