Monday , 21 May 2018

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: `Carrie’ is a Bloody Mess

Before I get into the movie review, can I just rant about something? You’re sitting in the theater and it’s the first showing, and in the whole room someone sits right by you. Literally, in this whole establishment you HAVE to sit here?! I’m sorry about that…back to Carrie: Someone once said “things in the past, should stay in the past.” Carrie is no exception.

This Stephen King classic about a timid girl who discovers she has telepathic powers, worked so well in the’70’s because of the casting. Sissy Spacek, an unknown at the time, was Carrie. She looked timid, afraid and naive. With her long stringy hair and unconventional features, Spacek stood out as the troubled girl. Chloe-Grace Moretz, is oddly enough, too pretty to be Carrie and she is too well known for the film. Her facial expressions when conveying her “talent” were odd and seemed forced, but I don’t know how she could have done it any better. And With Kickass and 500 Days of Summer under her belt, she’s already on her way to bigger and better things.

Julianna Moore, as her mother, tried so hard to inspire fear and righteousness but failed miserably. She didn’t add depth to the character so she just came off as sort of blah, plus her constant hurting of her herself seem out of place. She was creepy and weird to be sure but she wasn’t the right kind creepy and weird. She needed more of a switch from good to bad, a more extreme personality but not more intense.

Supporting cast was fine but no one to get too excited about. Judy Greer did a great job as the gym teacher who is kind to Carrie and I was happy to see her role expanded a bit more in this film. Chris and Sue, two girls who are mean to Carrie, act as if the film is some after school special. There are moments when they seem to have a real conversation but other times it seems the just said the line.

The film stayed true to plot though so no complaints there, although they did add a few scenes but nothing that hindered the story telling. The biggest flaw was the prom scene,it was way to stylized and some of the effects were far fetched even for this film. Less is more and where Carrie is concerned, it needed less.For instance, the film showcased Carrie’s talent a little too much and we saw too much of the destruction.And while films in general give the audience too much of everything, it’s as if filmmakers assumed we aren’t paying attention or smart enough to understand basic plot or knew what her special powers were.

The original Carrie is you’re best bet if you want a film that truly scares, however if you want a modern revenge story? Then check out Carrie in theaters now.

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