Tuesday , 19 June 2018

TSB’s Weekly Movie Review: Award Nominee Inside Llewyn Davis Transcends Time, Generations

inside llewyn davisPersonally, award season is my favorite season. With glittery celebrities and remarkable films, it’s like a second Christmas. But enough about that. The Golden Globes are first, following SAG and then The Academy Awards — or simply, The Oscars. Let’s begin tracking the films on their way to the Oscars!

Inside Llewyn Davis by the Cohen Brothers, who made one of my favorite films, O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?, has managed to combine a sublime plot with wonderfully produced music. Teaming up with T Bone Burnett, who made the sound track for O’Brother, has truly captured the 1960’s New York folk scene. The film begins with Llewyn Davis, played remarkably by Oscar Isaac, as a trouble man who is struggling as a solo folk artist in Greenwich Village. This is a unique and relatively unseen era that helped launch Bob Dylan.

This film took a very honest approach to the “starving artist” cliché by actually showing what it is like to be a true, disparaging starving artist. He’s poor, homeless and unhappy with how his life is turning out, and all of those emotions come through in Isaac’s voice — especially when he sings The Death of Queen Jane. Five Hundred Miles, my favorite recording by Peter, Paul and Mary, was sung by Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and Stark Sands and was a highlight. It helped keep the ’60’s vibe alive. Bob Dylan’s rendition of Fare Thee Well is set apart from the other three versions in the film with his iconic sound and more upbeat tempo. And as the final song it serves to usher in his reign as folk king.

With the help of the Punch Brother, Justin Timberlake and Marcus Mumford, the music and message resonates with people of any generation because it speaks to everyone desire to stay true to their dreams and hopes. These songs tell a story and the music it self is a part of our history. It came at such a pivotal time and bottom line, people can relate to the words and situations. If you want to experience a beautifully lit film about a man trying to survive without selling out, then please go see it.

If you like the music I recommend- Mumford and Sons, The Avett Brothers, Kingston Trio, Judy Collins and Emmylou Harris to name a few.

Award Season Prediction- Inside Llewyn Davis is unfortunately up against stiff competition, with American Hustle and Her. As much as I love this movie, I will be really surprised to see it win.

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