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TSB Sports Exclusive Super Bowl XLVI Preview

By Mike Bruu, TSB Staff

Oh, the Super Bowl.

In what has perhaps become the most exciting Sunday of the entire year, to millions and millions of people in this country, the big game is a national holiday even if your team isn’t suiting up. From the insane amount of media coverage from the four-letter network in the week leading up to the game, to the crazy and elaborate parties thrown in your friends house with the biggest TV, and even to the commercials that for one time a year actually keep us quieter than during the regular programming, the Super Bowl is an sporting event second to none in America.

So, in the spirit of the football season, I would like to offer up the exclusive Town Square Buzz Super Bowl XLVI Preview, which will get you ready for everything that will happen come 5:29 p.m. on Sunday night.

Who will win the coin toss?

One of the most burning questions of the week that no one has discussed on ESPN or any other site for that matter is who will win the coveted coin toss on Sunday. My expert analysis has led me to the conclusion that the Giants will win the toss. When New York does call it in the air, because they are the “away” team in the ballgame, they will call tails. Why? Because special teams captain Zak DeOssie has called tails in every game this season and does not plan to change anything on Super Sunday. Now if New England does win, expect the Giants to receive the ball first because the Patriots have differed to the second half in every game this season. In fact, they haven’t elected to receive the ball since September 7th, 2008; the day Tom Brady was lost for the season with a knee injury. Drastic measures by Belichick, I do believe.

How many times will Gisele be shown by NBC? Over/under .5 times. This is a pretty exciting prediction to talk about. Now whoever is the lucky cameraman who gets to control “Gisele Cam” must be going crazy right now. But while we will probably get our first look at Mrs. Brady somewhere in the late first quarter or early second, if the Pats are driving down to win in the last two minutes you can expect a couple shots of the super model wife to be shown for some exclusive reactions. I say way, way over.

Will Rob Gronkowski score a touchdown?
This is a pretty tricky question but I do believe he gets in one time on Sunday and here’s why. He will only be effective because of that ankle when the Pats are inside of the twenty. Only being at roughly 50 percent and limited in his mobility, I expect the Giants to shift coverage over more towards stopping Welker over the middle or Aaron Hernadez down the seam. I think the wounded Gronk sees a nickel corner or a safety covering him one-on-one a couple times down in the red zone and takes advantage for a score. Finally, a Super Bowl Gronk Spike that America desperately needs. (Obviously this prediction is assuming he is able to play Sunday through that high ankle sprain.)

Will Ochocinco be active? I say yes and here is why. Chad was inactive for the AFC Championship game two weeks ago, which is something no one could have ever imagined just two years ago from a perennial Pro Bowler. But with two weeks to prepare and to create some wrinkles in the ole playbook, the Hooded One will find a way to utilize Ocho to take some of the plays that would have gone to Gronk, and my left field prediction is that Brady finds him one time in the end zone for six. How incredible would it be to have the game-winning touchdown of Super Bowl 46 be caught by Chad Ochocinco, who caught one all regular season long? For such a disappointing season, he would be forever engraved in Patriot lure if it happened.

Will there be any slip-ups in Madonna’s halftime performance?
Now she has already claimed that no “wardrobe malfunction” will occur this year, so safe bet is she will be dressed in something that covers her up similar to Fergie’s shoulder pad ensemble she had displayed last year in the D. I have no intention of actually watching this show, and with halftime being 31 minutes long I will have time to run out to the store and grab some drinks or chips if we are low at the house. But I would like to say that I am not rooting for a slip-up cause I wish no one that embarrassment. I think Madonna will have a smooth, plain, and very vanilla performance in Indy and leave us all wondering how long it will be until Lady Gaga graces the stage on Super Sunday.

Over/Under 5 times: The Number of Peyton Manning references Way, way, way over. First off, you have Peyton’s younger brother facing his arch nemesis in the stadium that only exists because of what he was able to do on the field the last decade. That only should spark several references to No. 18. Secondly, if Eli is able to rally his troops and surpass his brother in Super Bowl rings, you know that Al and Cris will have a early jump on the “Eli is better than Peyton” subject. Take the over here and enjoy it.

Who will win Super Bowl XLVI?
I will always believe that there are times when teams are just destined to win a championship. No matter what the other team does on the field or how much talent they have in their locker room, that one team for whatever reason will walk away with the trophy. Ranger fans have felt that the past two seasons in October, and I think Giants fans will feel the same emotion come Sunday night. Myra Kraft, the late wife of Robert Kraft, the Patriots owner, passed away prior to the season and from the reactions from many current and former players, her passing was felt across the league. Ever since that emotional scene on the steps of the NFL offices in New York when the NFLPA and the league agreed on a new CBA to end the lockout, you could feel that something about this Patriots team was destined for something special.

Even Tim Tebow couldn’t overcome the path the Pats were on. But while this logic of thinking to predict outcomes is not ever fool proof, (but what really is?) I just feel like the picture of Mr. Kraft handing off the Lombardi Trophy to his long-time quarterback with tears in his eyes as he looks up towards the sky to catch a look at his wife, that is something that truly will illustrate just what sports is intended to do and the kind of emotional healing a win of that magnitude can bring you. My prediction is Patriots 31, Giants 28, with Chad Ochocinco catching the game-winning pass, which will be Tom Brady’s third of the game and give himself his third Super Bowl MVP award.

On a side note: We have some exciting news to announce from the TSB headquarters. Starting this Monday, Steve Kirk, a lifelong sports fan and editor for Town Square Buzz, and I will be hosting a weekly podcast that will be available through iTunes and through a link on This will be predominately a sports show with a little bit of news and entertainment sprinkled in. We are very excited to bring you this weekly bit of sure-to-be audio gold for you all, but we are having a little difficulty in coming up with a name for the program. That is why we are asking for recommendations in the comment section below. If we do select your title, we will give you a nice little shout out in the opening week and perhaps a little TSB swag as a token of our appreciation. We look forward to seeing the suggestions, and please remember to look for our opening week expedition Monday night right here on TSB.

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