Saturday , 26 May 2018

TSB Reader: Concern Over Driving Habits around Children in Crosswalks

Submitted by Steve Daily

I am a parent of two middle schoolers (Evans MS) but live in the McGowen Elementary zone.  We live just off Columbus at McKinney Ranch.  I’ve got a concern with the safety of the children crossing McKinney Ranch.

We’ve got a busy intersection at Columbus (North bound out of McGowen) attempting to make a left onto McKinney Ranch with no lights.  As the cars are attempting to turn left, they must pass through the cross walk.

The last few mornings I have witnessed (I walk my kids to the school bus stop at Kingsway and Columbus) cars turning into the divided area, backing up 2 or 3 deep between the east and west bound traffic.  They often don’t see the crossing guards and children already in the crosswalk.  Many of these same drivers, in a school zone, are also chatting away on their cell phones (not-hands free) and not really paying attention.

This seems to be a congested area that could lead to a serious accident with either the children, the crossing guards, or the cars.  I don’t know who can help us, but possibly a patrol from the MPD near the area primarily 7:45a to 8:10a would wake the drivers up.  Maybe even a few ‘stops’ of these violations would serve as an alarm to the rest.

I’ve also witnessed at the bus stop with my kids (and others from our block) that these same cars do not stop for the bus with flashing lights and extended stop sign.  I’ve recently witnessed a car pulling from behind to ‘pass’ the boarding school bus.  I’ve taken it upon myself to step out when the stop sign and lights are out to stop traffic before these young adults get into the street…and not making too many ‘friends’ with the drivers in the process…

I’ve shared my concerns with Mrs. Little, McGowen principal, but I’m sure her hands are somewhat tied.  She’ll put notices out in the newsletter and remind parents that they need to keep their eyes open and be alert.  As the mornings stay darker each week I’m fearful that someone will get hurt here.

As I’m talking to other parents in the city I hear that this is an recurring issue at many of our cross walks (Ridge at Sidney repeats often as a dangerous/threatening location here in central south McKinney).

Thank you for your time,
Steve Daily
4516 Whitehall Court, McKinney, TX  75070

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