Thursday , 24 May 2018

TSB Holiday Memories: Dear Secret Santa

By Michele Stevens Bernard, TSB Lifestyle Editor

Dear Secret Santa,

Thank you.

Do you know how grateful I am to you? You came into my life like a benevolent guardian angel. You watched over my family and made a decision to become a silent partner during a most difficult holiday season.

Did you know me personally? I’ve often wondered. I was a newly single mom trying my best to provide for my three young sons.  How did you know exactly what my needs were that year? I didn’t make my concerns publicly known. Eighteen years later, I still wonder and marvel about the perfect timing of your generous spirit.

Were you there to witness the joy on the faces of my little boys that Christmas Day?  Were you there to hear their squeals of delight as they received the gifts your selfless and anonymous gift to me made possible? As I recall that grace-filled memory, I am as humbled today by your thoughtfulness, and your support, as I was that cold December morning so many years ago.

My sons have grown up well. They are good men. I feel like you know this about them. If you still walk beside us, you’ve enjoyed seeing them become the men they are intended to be. If you’ve moved on to a heavenly plane, I imagine you still watch over them from above.

You made my path smoother the year my journey took me down a difficult to navigate rocky road. That year was among the toughest I’ve ever experienced. You cleared a way for my children and for me to enjoy a most perfect Christmas day. Your kindness and your selflessness made what could have easily been one of my worst holiday memories into what today I count among one of my fondest.

Thank you Secret Santa, whoever you are, wherever you are. 

I am forever grateful to you.

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