Wednesday , 23 May 2018
Jim Doyle and Cindy Johnson
Jim Doyle and Cindy Johnson

TSB Heroes Hall of Fame Inductee: Chestnut Square’s Jim Doyle

Nominated by Collin County Heritage Guild Executive Director Cindy Johnson, Jim Doyle is another of McKinney’s unsung heroes, making him our second selection for our 2013 Heroes Hall of Fame.

“Jim is one of those people who is behind the scenes making sure everything works at Chestnut Square,” Johnson said. “As we’ve grown over the past five years, he has taken on responsibilities on a volunteer basis that we would have to pay thousands of dollars to have done. Better yet, he’s there when we have a crisis, no matter when it is, whenever we need him. Otherwise we wouldn’t be there serving the people we serve.”

A McKinney resident for about 14 years, Doyle has been involved with Chestnut Square for about five and a half years. Johnson said she began looking for a volunteer handyman when she took on her current role nearly six years ago. Though Volunteer McKinney, Doyle found out about the needs at Chestnut Square and accepted his very first task — plunging a clogged toilet. As Johnson says, “I knew we had found a keeper.”

At the time, Doyle said his youngest son had just graduated from high school where he and he his wife had been very involved in volunteering. He was searching for a new volunteer opportunity.

“I was monitoring the Volunteer McKinney website and this popped up and I thought, ‘Oh, I can do that,’ ” Doyle said smiling. As they say, the rest is history.

Responsibilities that Doyle undertakes at Chestnut Square vary from the sometimes routine things, which include changing light bulbs, air conditioning filters, to helping out at events such as the annual ice cream crank-0ff and the farmers’ market as needed. Doyle also handles any emergencies that might happen during the weddings held at Chestnut Square. Of course, these “crisis” situations usually occur on any given Saturday as the wedding preparations are under way.

An IT guy for Texas Instruments by profession, Doyle works full time and also handles and updates the non-profit’s IT needs.

Doyle started out as the handyman, but his role expanded as he got involved doing tours for cub scout groups. He labeled these the “behind the scenes handyman tours,” which turned out to be quite popular. Currently, Doyle tackles things that go boo in the dark every third Saturday of each month as host of ghosts tours at Chestnut Square.

Why does he spend so many hours giving his time to a piece of history? “I’m a history buff, number one, but then it’s fun,” Doyle said. “There’s a great group of people who work there (Chestnut Square) and they appreciate what I do, and that makes it fun.”

Johnson said, “Jim has seen, as have I, Chestnut Square grow from someplace that no one could find to being a big community asset. He’s been part of that.”

Johnson said she would describe Doyle as “dependable, patient and willing to get his hands dirty” and said that he probably saves Chestnut Square about $100,000 a year.

We believe that Jim Doyle is truly a difference maker in our community and we at TSB salute you for the many hours you donate to Chestnut Square and our city.

TSB is announcing its 2013 Heroes Hall of Fame inductees over the course of several days. Those announced thus far:

-Shannon Patterson

-Jim Doyle

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