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TSB Candidate Questionnaire: Bob Dry

Answers Submitted by Bob Dry, Candidate for 199th District Court

Candidate Name: Bob Dry

Position Running For:  Judge, 199th District Court

City of Residence: McKinney

1. What makes you the most qualified candidate?

Experience, Character, and Temperament. 

2a. What are 1-3 issues the courts must prepare for as Collin County continues to grow in population?

1.  The overcrowding of our courts
2.  Crime that comes with the population increase

2b. What plans do you have to address these issues?

1.  Through no fault of our judges, our courts’ dockets are packed. Having repeated delays can greatly increase the expense of trial and the corresponding stress as well. Through various measures, a judge can reduce the load of the docket. For example, encouraging the use of alternative dispute resolution can assist parties in finding resolution without a final trial. Further, summary jury trials and judicial mediation can give parties insight into how a judge or jury may view their claims, thereby increasing the potential for settlement. These measures can take what would normally be a two week trial and find resolution in a day or two. A quicker resolution frees the court to hear other matters.  Another avenue to consider as judge is to order attorney’s fees paid for frivolous lawsuits when permitted under the law. Once the attorneys who would bring such a lawsuit learn that not only will they lose, but that their client will have to pay the other side, such suits will be few and far between.

2. A judge’s first focus must be on fairness and justice.  Once there has been a finding of guilt, the facts of each case determine a course of action. Jail time, probation, and deferred adjudication are all options for a judge. Drug court has proved successful in many cases as well. A judge must strike a sometimes delicate balance between punishing a crime and not destroying the defendant’s life to the point where repeat crime is the only available option. That being said, some crimes and some defendants must be punished severely.  Punishment must be felt in order to be effective.  In essence, a lesson must be learned. 

3. Why do you want to have this position?

I believe that my experience, skill set, and God given abilities make me a good fit for the bench.  In addition, a judge is a public servant, and as such, I view the position as a continuation of my service to Collin County.  I am a former teacher in Plano and a former youth director at Christ United Methodist Church in Plano.  Currently, I am on the board of directors at City House and at the Sci-Tech Discovery Center.  Our church, First UMC in McKinney, has also recently named me to the Board of Trustees.  I have been raised to make service to the community a priority.  I hope to continue that service from the bench to help Collin County remain as strong and as safe as it has been in my 30-plus years living here. 

4. How long have you been working in the legal arena?

I am in my seventh year of practice, all of which has been as a trial attorney with Gay, McCall, Isaacks, Gordon and Roberts PC in Plano.  I have been fortunate to work with some of best attorneys our county has to offer in a wide range of legal areas.  The firm has helped form the foundation of my legal practice, and the experience there has been invaluable.   

5. What do you want citizens to know about before voting for a judge?

One candidate in this race has the experience and character to serve Collin County as its next judge of the 199th District Court.  I am that candidate.  As stated previously, I have worked with some of the top attorneys in the county.  My experience has been in civil litigation, and I will work hard every day to be next in a long line of great Collin County judges who took the bench with a practice focused intently on one area of the law. Listing areas of practice does nothing to inform the public of the quality of one’s legal practice.  I am very grateful to have the endorsement of many great attorneys in all areas of practice, including my opponent’s two former law partners.

As judge, I vow to uphold the law with the highest moral and ethical behavior.  A judge must be beyond reproach ethically.  I mentioned my commitment to Collin County in answer number three.  As stated in that answer, working hard to give back to the community is a priority of mine.  I am thankful for the endorsement of many leaders in the community, and I view their endorsement as a testament to my character.  One in particular of note is Mac Hendricks.  Mr. Hendricks has given much of his time and energy to McKinney and the county as a whole.  He was also my opponent’s treasurer in her unsuccessful run for judge of the 219th District Court two years ago.  I am very appreciative to be his candidate in this race.

My website is  It has my email address and phone number.  I am happy to answer your questions to earn your support.  Thank you.

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