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`Trying to Make a Small Difference When I Can’

That’s what Community Lifeline Center Case Manager Delphia Adeogun said when asked why she decided to work in the non-profit arena. That and “loving to work with the community” are what drive her to serve individuals and families in crisis. Delphia’s job is to meet with clients during the intake process to determine, first, if they qualify for services. CLC has a rigorous screening process to ensure help and support get to the deserving. Once clients are qualified for assistance, an extensive interview takes place.

It’s during the interview process that Delphia’s degree in Psychology, and extensive management experience pay dividends, as she works with clients to develop a self sufficiency plan. Care is taken to identify the crisis, and develop alternative solutions. “I attempt to give each client a new perspective,  a different way of looking at a situation. I also provide needed resources and referral information that may be of further assistance for each client,” she notes.

When asked to describe the people she serves Delphia says that individuals and families of all ages and genders come to CLC, but that very often it is families with young children, and even more often women with small children.  And these families face a variety of issues. “A crisis varies from client to client,” she says, “For one client it may be a reduction in work hours or a job loss, for another an unexpected car repair, an unexpected death in the family requiring the mortgage and utility money to be used for the funeral service. The crisis of a recent job loss can snowball very quickly and before you know it the rent and utilities are due again”.

“I met with a young father of four who arrived at Community Lifeline overwhelmed and confused, not knowing what to do next. His wife had abandoned the family taking along with her half of the household income. He was now faced with all the responsibilities of raising the children which was not what he expected when he got married. He worked full time but had not been on the job that long. He was reliant on his wife’s income as well as her assistance in seeing the children off to school and receiving them at the end of the day. During our interview we were able to develop a self-sufficiency plan which included ways to resolve the school drop-off/pick-up issue and a budgeting plan that cut any unnecessary expense to insure his more needed bills were covered monthly by his new income”.

Community Lifeline Center serves Veterans through a grant from the Texas Veterans Commission. Although Delphia focuses on the traditional, “non-veteran” cases, the issues are more often than not the same: “…a “hiccup” in their lives, a short term crisis. We provide them with education, finance that can be a bridge from point A to point B, as well as prescription assistance. Guiding a client back to self-sufficiency is our goal, it doesn’t always have to be financial, it all depends on the need and the available resource that may best fit each situation”.

Delphia has seen a lot of the world having been born in Belize and raised in California. She moved to Fairview in 2006, by way of Wisconsin. She was a stay at home mom until she joined CLC as a volunteer case worker in 2009, which evolved to a staff position in 2010. While she gives 100% to the clients she counsels, she’s learned to leave that behind at the end of the day because “….I must also be 100% present when at home – raising two daughters requires no less”.

But, what clients and colleagues alike discover in working with Delphia is her focus and genuine concern for those in the midst of crisis. During a time when those in need are most vulnerable and exposed, she is their lifeline: “I try to be a non-judgmental listening ear”, she says.

Delphia Adeogun adds special meaning to the Community Lifeline Center promise of “Help. Hope. Here.”

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