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Trampoline Alternatives….

Trampolines offer a well-rounded workout by burning calories and toning the muscles in your legs, buttocks and back. Some of them, however, aren’t safe, particularly for children. Several other products offer similar benefits but reduce the risk of an injury. If you are new to jumping on a trampoline, one of these alternatives may help you become confident with the exercise and increase your skills before using a traditional trampoline.

Alternative Trampolines

A traditional trampoline sits several feet off the ground and is made with a stretchable fabric attached to the frame with large springs. Some alternative trampolines use similar materials but on a smaller scale. These products look like a miniature trampoline and attach to the frame directly rather than with springs. Some feature a handle to steady you as you jump. Because these items so closely resemble large trampolines, using one offers similar benefits in terms of cardiovascular and muscular fitness.


Inflatable trampolines are similar to a child’s bouncy castle. These trampoline alternatives are filled with air before use. Jumping on an inflatable allows you to burn calories and use the same muscles you do when using a traditional trampoline. Inflatables are also available in a variety of sizes. A smaller product is ideal for children or if your space is limited, and a larger one works well in the backyard. These items are generally safer than traditional trampolines because they don’t have springs and sit directly on the ground. Another benefit to an inflatable is that once you let the air out, you don’t need a lot of room to store it.

Exercise Balls

For children who use a trampoline for therapy purposes, an exercise ball is a smaller, portable option that works well in settings outside the home. Allowing children to bounce helps them focus, ideal for those with attention problems, reports the “Chicago Tribune.” For adults and children, an exercise ball tones leg, back and buttock muscles while also offering cardiovascular benefits. They are smaller, easier to store and less expensive than a traditional trampoline, making them a good choice for a restricted budget.


Before purchasing a trampoline alternative, try out the choices available to you. This allows you to choose one that best fits your needs. Visit recreation centers to find some of these items in action. Sporting goods stores sometimes have floor models, letting you test them before buying. If you are using a trampoline alternative as therapy or for small children, talk to a doctor to determine an appropriate size and model for your needs.

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