Monday , 23 April 2018

Training Facility `FIT’ Opens at Stonebridge Ranch

FIT at Stonebridge Ranch opened in November, having been founded by three personal trainers and former colleagues in  Seth Hammond, Will Magee and Evan Jones. It is a 4,040 square foot functional training facility located in the Linkside Business Park on the northwest corner of Virginia and Stonebridge Ranch in McKinney.

According to the owners, they share a vision to educate a community on how to become healthier versions of themselves. That is, FIT, which stands for Functional Integrated Training, is a place where people can learn about how to become healthier.

fit photoedited“It seems simple, but from what is currently going on in the fitness industry it is a shocking idea,” a company release states. “We are focused on our clients, and if they get results everyone is happy. That is our business model. When you get results people will ask you, how you did it. Then they will want to come and try it. When they come and get results they not only thank the original client for bringing them; they also form a support system to getting healthier. The more you surround yourself with healthy people, the more likely it is that you will become healthy. We will strive to become the place where healthy people come to hang out.”

When you come to FIT you will be educated on clean eating. The company defines clean eating as “a lifestyle centered on eating mainly unprocessed foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy proteins and some grains. Everyone knows they should be doing this but have no idea how to make it work with their current life situation. The thing that is missing is the why. Why should I eat vegetables? That is where we earn our money — getting you to try it our way so you can figure out your own way.”

FIT claims that if you give them 30 days, you will change.

“The other thing people are really missing out on is how good their body can feel,” the release states. “Most people have no idea how much better they could feel by just moving more and moving correctly. We want our clients to leave feeling better than when they came in.”

The first thing they teach clients at FIT is to foam roll, in order to increase blood circulation throughout the skin, fascia, muscles, and even tendons and ligaments where you can access them with a foam roller. They do this to teach people how to recover or how to heal their own body.

FIT does not look like any gym you have been in before, claims the company. They utilize tools that aren’t typically used in conventional gyms. “We utilize TRX Suspension Trainers, Water Rowers, Schwinn Airdyne bikes, kettle bells, med balls, sand bags, sleds and dumbbells to give our clients a truly unique fitness experience.”

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