Monday , 28 May 2018

Toner Talk with Trudy, Part 4 – It’s All About the Color

By Trudy Whitney, Rapid Refill Ink

I am sure you have waited with baited breath for the rest of this printer saga.  If you have, then get a life!  This is my life and that is why I am compelled to tell you a little more about the world of printers that might help you, dear readers, make an educated and economical decision when you go out shopping for your next one.

The two-cartridge system (black and tri-color) has run its course.  Any manufacturer making these styles of printers currently is now scrambling for a new design.  It is fact and not fiction that Lexmark has announced by then end of 2013, they will discontinue production of inkjet printers entirely and discontinue production of the supporting cartridges by 2014.  Dell printers and cartridges are private labeled by Lexmark as well.  I do not know what lies ahead for Dell, but Lexmark was a huge player for many years in the production of decent, inexpensive printers and VERY expensive corresponding cartridges.

I want to go on record stating that Lexmark and Dell both offer high quality LASER/TONER style printers that are respected throughout the industry.

Whew!  Now that that’s out of the way, let us focus on what I think every home should have in the way of printers.

Think of a system where you have three individual color (red, blue, yellow) and one black tank.  These tanks are dedicated to each of the above-mentioned colors.  If your letterhead is red and you print with an “evil tri-colored” cartridge, then you are going to run out of red and the rest of the cartridge will be useless to print color unless you like a lot of green.

If you ran out of red, and you had say, a Brother J430 all-in-one printer, you could just pop in another $8 Rapid Refill Ink red cartridge and be on your way to printing to your heart’s content.
Tank style printers are available three ways:

1. Printers such as the Brother brand that uses tanks without electronic or chips to foul things up.

2. Those with pesky little electronic chips (page counters) that could care less how much ink is in the cartridge.  Rather, they judge your consumption by the number of pages processed through your printer.  I can reset chips in Canon cartridges and considering the Canon quality, I deem their tanks a great value.

3. The remaining manufacturers have designed non-resettable chips that, even though the cartridges are refillable, the cartridges will not register your ink levels, leaving you clueless as to when you may, and I should add, WILL run out of ink.  This is usually at night.

My suggestion? Pick door number one when you are at the big box stores, electronic stores, or even here at the little Rapid Refill Ink.

Also, extended warranties are a pretty smart idea since they cover the printer for up to two years.  Unlike TV’s and refrigerators that either last 15 years or three months, printers have a lot of moving parts and these parts are the kind that are moved around when loading paper or putting cartridges in upside down.  They can break anytime no matter who produces them.  So why not take out a little insurance? It may just pay for your next printer.

Trudy and Bill Whitney are the owners of Rapid Refill Ink, an independently owned retail franchise that refills and remanufactures inkjet and laser/toner cartridges for office and home printers. In an effort to encourage recycling, empty cartridges are brought to the store that can be reused many times.  Sustainable and recycled products were utilized in the build out of the shop located in McKinney.  Rapid Refill now also offers Printer Repair and Shredding Services.  For more information call 972.548.9393 or email The above comments represent the thoughts of our local business entity and may not reflect those of others.

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