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This Weekend it’s all About You, Dads

In 1966, President Lyndon B. Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers, designating the third Sunday in June as Father’s Day and the day was made a permanent national holiday when President Richard Nixon signed it into law in 1972.

Although traditionally, Father’s Day doesn’t seem to receive the same amount of attention as Mother’s Day, there are plenty of kids young and old who think their fathers are pretty darn special. So, TownSquareBuzz checked in with some of our local sons and daughters to see what they have to say about their dads.

While most kids call McKinney Boyd High School’s Brandon Milam, Coach, there are a handful of kids,
four to be exact, who call him Daddy. Milam and wife Lesley, are the proud parents of a seven year old
son, Reese, and four year old daughters, Camryn, Ashtyn, and LeeAnna.

After seven years of marriage, the Milams started their family welcoming Reese into the fold. A few
years later, they learned three more were on the way.

“He was never shaken when we learned we were having triplets,” says Lesley, “When I’d get shaken,
he would remind me that it was okay, and that we were going to be fine. He is that way though, very
embracing of whatever happens, accepting, and supportive.”

Here is what the Milam kids had to say about their dad:

REESE: He likes to fish, and practice baseball and go hunting with me. Sometimes he plays outside. He
makes me laugh when he tickles me and makes funny voices, and he takes me fishing at Granddaddy’s

CAMERYN: I like to play with Daddy. He has a baseball camp. He plays in the backyard. Daddy is funny.
I like to laugh at him and make tents. He likes to mow the yard. I like to ride on the mower with Daddy.

ASHTYN: My Daddy is at baseball game. He takes Reese to football camp. He is funny.

LEEANNA: He gives me sugars.

“As a father, Brandon is as good as gold,” says Lesley, “I know if anything were to happen to me, he
would be able to take care of all four kids without a problem. Plus, because of coaching for fourteen
years, he knows how to handle large groups of kids, which is a good thing, since we already have a

TownSquareBuzz also checked in with some other kiddos around town and asked, “What makes your dad special?” Here’s what they had to say:

BELLA, (age 8), had this to say about her dad, Tom.
“My dad is special because he makes us yummy juicy steaks and I think he should open a restaurant!”
Tom’s son JACK, (age 5)
Daddy plays baseball with me and coaches my team and I love him.”

EMMA (age 10) about her dad Luke:
“My dad is special because he is crazy but witty and smart.  I love that he coaches my soccer team”.

JORDYN, (age 8) “My daddy (Brian), is special because  he keeps me safe and also takes me on roller coaster rides!”

CALVIN, (age 10) about dad, Rod – ” My dad works hard and knows how to have fun.”

STUART, (age 9) about dad, Rod – “My dad can fix anything and makes me laugh.”

Calvin and Stuart also added their thoughts about their grandfather, Jim.
CALVIN – “Papa always gives encouragent”
STUART –  “Papa is a fighter with his cancer”

COLLIN (13) about dad, Shawn:  “My dad is special because he’s all business when it’s time for business, but when it’s time to have fun, he can have fun.”

ANNELISE (14) about dad, Joseph:  “He accepts me for who I am.”

JOSEPH (13) about his dad, Ian:  “No matter what my dad wants to do, he always considers what I want to do as well.”

ALEXANDRA (14) about her dad Tim:  “My dad is special because he is really fun and he makes us laugh.”

ALLISON HARRIS had this to say about her dad, Roger?

– He cannot go to sleep without eating something sweet!
– He is the most generous person I have ever encountered.
– He is extremely wise and a great negotiator.

Among the three of us kids, Allison, Steven and John, our favorite memories with our dad are from the many family road trips we have taken. During one of our favorite trips, we rented a RV to go to ten states in seven days, traveling to Yellowstone, Montana, Colorado and other places. Every year for as long as we can remember, we have taken family trips to Estes Park, Colorado, where we go hiking, go to the National Park, eat at our favorite donut shop and ride go-carts at a local amusement park.

The best advice I got from my dad:
As a freshman in college, I had a rough time adjusting to being away from home, as I had lived in McKinney my whole life up to then. Being a type-A, driven personality, it was difficult for me to start over in a new place and work my way up into leadership positions on campus. My dad sent me the most encouraging email with this quote, “How do you eat an elephant? A little bit at a time.” I saved that email and refer to it when I need a bit of inspiration.

Happy Father’s Day dads!


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