Wednesday , 25 April 2018

This Week in History: War, Taxes and Schools

By Don Newsom, TSB Contributing Writer

May 13 – May 19.

This week’s local history brought events at all levels that have had long term implications.

In 1607, the English colonists arrived by ship at the site that became the Jamestown settlement in Virginia.

In 1846, Captain Andrew Stapp’s company, a group of mounted volunteers from Collin County, was called into service by the United States to participate in the Mexican American War.

In 1873, a post office was opened in Melissa and James R. Rogers was appointed the first postmaster.

In 1892, the Altoga Baptist Church in the community east of Melissa was started and still serves the community.

In 1894, the post office in the community of Price was discontinued. Alexander Daniels was the postmaster at the time.

In 1899, the newly organized public school system in Plano held its first board meeting.

In 1903, the First Presbyterian Church of Celina was organized. It met for many years in a building southwest of the square. During the 1990’s the church dissolved and the building was vacant for several years. Recently, it was purchase by an individual and was renovated to become a residence. The same year, the first poll tax was enacted in Collin County. The tax was a fee that individuals had to pay in order to be eligible to vote.

In 1904, rural mail delivery began from the Allen post office.

In 1926, the first air mail letter was received in McKinney.

In 1933, the Tennessee Valley Authority began, a federal program that created jobs for public projects to help the country overcome the depression. The organization is still operational today.

In 1940, the Alla School, on Highway 289 north of Celina where the current Celina High School is located, graduated 6 students.  In the mid fifties, the school became a part of the Celina ISD.

In 1954, the U. S. Supreme Court, in Brown vs. Board of Education of Topeka, ruled that racially segregated public schools violated the Constitution. The ruling overturned the “separate but equal” ruling the court had made 58 years earlier.

In 2006, a popular vote approved Fairview’s home rule charter. It had been finalized on March 2 – Texas Independence Day.

Don Newsom (in photo) is an avid historian and a former Superintendent of Schools for Celina ISD. 


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