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This Week in History: Dec. 23, Texas Admitted to the Union

By Don Newsom, TSB Contributing Writer


During this last week of the year, the celebration of Christmas began and Texas was admitted to the Union.

In 336, the first recorded celebration of Christmas on December 25 took place in Rome.

On Christmas Day 1842, Mr. Peg Whistler and Wesley Clements, early pioneers of our county, were killed in an Indian raid on Honey Creek, northwest of McKinney.

In 1848, Daniel Herring, an early founder, settled in Murphy. The same week a Christmas Ball was held in the new courthouse in McKinney. This was the second courthouse in Collin County. The first was located in the community of Buckner, located near the current “Third Monday Trade Days location. The county seat was moved to McKinney earlier in the year because Buckner did not meet the criteria of being within three miles of the geographic center of the county.

As the year ended in 1845, Texas joined the United States as the 28th state. This was the result of the U.S. Congress accepting the Texas constitution, which had been approved by a popular vote by residents of the Republic in October 1845. Considering the size, riches and independence of the state, some people have reversed the phrase from time to time, and said that the U.S. joined Texas. Unlike most new additions to the Union, the Republic of Texas was admitted to the Union through a treaty. One of the stipulations of that treaty, which is not widely followed out of respect to the Union, is that our state flag can be flown at the same height as the U.S. flag.

In 1854, a saloon brawl in the community of Sugar Hill resulted in the deaths of three of the community’s pioneers: John Yeary and John and Samuel Glass.

In 1890, because of federal legislation that was implemented at the beginning of the month, another community post office located at Sellers was closed. The same year, U.S. troops killed as many as 400 Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee, South Dakota.

In 1898, Mack Abbott, a second generation pioneer, relocated his family within the county to Copeville.

In 1904, despite the temperature being -20 degrees, the community of Plano held its annual rabbit chase.

Two days before Christmas in 1931, the Liberty State Bank in Murphy was robbed. Some locals voiced that it was committed by the infamous pair, Bonnie and Clyde. The robbers were actually area criminals, but for a few days the community of Murphy received a lot of attention from all levels of the media.

Happy Holidays to all of you who are interested in history.

TSB contributing writer Don Newsom is an avid historian and a former Superintendent of Schools for Celina ISD. 

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