Monday , 28 May 2018

This is why I love Retired Americans and their Traditional Values

This is why I love Retired Americans and their Traditional Values

This is why I love Retired Americans and their Traditional Values

My neighbor, who is widowed, accidentally left her front door ajar and had left her house to visit friends.  I didn’t know she had gone, so after about 15 minutes of playing basketball with my son in my driveway, I walked over to check on her.  I knocked on the door.  No answer.  Rang the doorbell and yelled in the house.  No answer.  The worst was running through my mind.  I searched her entire house.  No sign of her or any thankfully no bad guys.   Whew.  What  a big relief.  I wrote a note explaining that I had been in her house and the front door was left wide open.  Must have been blown open by the wind.  I made her aware that I closed the front door and left a couple of lights on and asked her to call me when she got home to verify she was O.K.  I missed her call, but she left a message.  She told me  that she was fine and thanked my son and I for looking out for her.

This is the best part of the story.  In a show of appreciation, she sent me a letter.  It was a thank you letter and enclosed I find another note from the Rotary Club of McKinney.  This note stated that my neighbor had bought a Flag Lease on my behalf.  The lease was for one year.  The letter also stated that someone would come to my house and put up a flag in my yard on 5 different occasions over the next year.  When the holiday was over, they would remove the flag.  How cool is that?

People taking care of their neighbors and in return much gratitude was shown with the American Flag.  Is there really a better way?  Our Senior Americans understand gratitude.  They learned through tough times that you can’t take things for granted.  This is something that the younger generation can learn from and our older Americans must continue to pass down.  This is what made America great.  This is what we have to circle back to.  I hope you are as touched as I was.  Thank you Seniors and thank you Rotary Club of McKinney.  This is a great service.

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