Tuesday , 24 April 2018

Thinking Pink

August 28 is not my birthday.  However, I mark the occasion every year with some reflection.  You see August 28, 2008 became the 30th year that I alone was the oldest surviving woman in my family at the tender age of 56.  For three decades I had been without a mother, aunt, and two grandmothers. Sadly, my children never knew these ladies either.  They all succumbed to the same disease; complications from breast cancer.  Only five months after the above date, I was staring at an X-ray revealing the same prognosis.

Now, I got lucky.  Never in the history of ever was there such a flurry of activity to combat my puny little tumor.  But after biopsies, lumpectomies, a few missing lymph nodes and some radiation, all the hoopla was over.  All that remains is a tiny pill (the cancer maintenance drug) that I shall continue to take for another two years, three months, 11 days and a few hours. But who’s counting?

I am not making light of my illness.  I am mocking it because with early detection you stand a better chance of dying in the intersection of 380 and 75 than you do of breast cancer.  Even after two years and the follow ups, I am amazed at the science and treatments that are available to cancer patients.  I know folks continue to die of this disease, but I shall not be one of them.  

Your boobs are some of the most revered and noticed parts of your body.  Face it girls… guys look at them and they are part of who you are.  You whiten your teeth, you put on makeup and you wear shoes that hurt your feet. Don’t lose some of your best assets to breast cancer.  More importantly, don’t lose your life to breast cancer. Spend a little time every year and let a professional get up close and personal with a breast exam and mammogram.  Self-exams are important too!  I am sorry I got busy and skipped just one year because that is all the time it took for a tumor to develop.  It is by the grace of God that I have a loving husband, supportive children and friends that helped me recovery so quickly.  Do not put off what you can get examined today! 

By the way, my birthday is April 8 in case you do not have that already in a cell phone or daytimer or whatever you use to remember stuff.  I like cards, chocolates, and small, tasteful items in gold.  

But enough about me…. 

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Please support an organization participating in education and research that with early detection will save many lives.

Maybe you have a similar story to tell this month on the TownSquareBuzz.com.

Trudy Whitney is a contributing writer to TownSquareBuzz.com.  She welcomes all comments, (there’s even a space for that below), and invites readers to ask questions about taking care of our planet.  It keeps her mind from going to potting soil!

Trudy and Bill Whitney are the owners of Rapid Refill Ink, an independently owned retail franchise that refills and remanufactures inkjet and laser/toner cartridges for office and home printers. In an effort to encourage recycling, empty cartridges are brought to the store that can be reused many times.  Sustainable and recycled products were utilized in the build out of the shop located in McKinney.  For more information call 972.548.9393 or email trudy.whitney@rapidrefillink.net.

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