Wednesday , 25 April 2018

The Wind Began to Switch

By Deborah Viapiana-Ricci, TSB Contributor

Okay, so now it’s official…Last Tuesday, I got to experience my very first Tornado scare…and let me tell you…that’s exactly what it was…SCARY! I can only imagine how helpless Dorothy felt as her little Kansas farm got swept up in the Twister that would change her life forever.

My husband Wil was stuck at work in Frisco, which, of course, was too far to try and make it home. Our daughter Gina, had left to get Jack, their seven year old at school, when she was told that “no-one is leaving”…”Not no-one, not no how!”

And, me, I was left shivering in my ruby slippers at home with Mike, and the two youngest grand-sons, attempting to hold down the fort. Alright, so we didn’t get to meet the “Lolli-pop Guild” or witness the first taste of “Techni-color” when we opened our doors, but I’ll tell you what…I was so incredibly glad that the house never began to pitch and our family was all back together again…safely and soundly.

So many things go through your mind when you are faced with a “near-miss” situation. I am a life-long Girl Scout and consider myself somewhat resourceful in times of need…But, I have to ask you…Does anyone truly know what they would do if something as horrific as a tornado really hit? I don’t think there is any amount of preparation you can do to really get ready for anything of this proportion. It’s all about trust, my friends. Thank God no-one perished from this storm, in spite of the damage that was incurred. My heart goes out to the families who suffered severe loss of hearth and home…with many memories getting swept up in the mix, I’m sure.

I would like to urge any of you reading this to join me in taking stock of what matters in your life…I know I did…especially when Gina and Jack walked through that door after the longest hour of my life when I was finally able to wrap my arms around them while we ALL thanked our lucky stars. We were blessed to be in good grace when that storm took a sharp right turn. And, even if you weren’t really in the oncoming path of this particular tornado, I bet you may know someone who was. Talk to them. Try and empathize what they might have been going through and then act on those emotions…We can all plan for anything that could come our way, but what’s really important is to appreciate all we have right here and now and do the best possible job living the life we are given instead of fearing what might happen that is completely out of our control.

Tomorrow, the sun will most likely shine, as it tends to do here in Texas. Take some time to do something special with someone in your life…it may not take you over the rainbow, but I can promise you “there’s no place like home.”

Deborah Viapiana-Ricci is a freelance writer living in McKinney with her husband, Wil. She can be found counting her heartfelt blessings with the people who mean the most…her family!

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