Saturday , 26 May 2018

The Truth About Your Menu Order

By Judi LaPan, One Goal Fitness

Restaurant language is littered with ambiguities, embellishments, and euphemisms. Use this dictionary to decode the jargon and save yourself time, money, and a whole lot of empty ¬calories.

Covered in a piquant blend of spices such as paprika, onion powder, cumin, and cayenne pepper and then grilled or pan seared in a cast-iron skillet. It’s a healthier way to enjoy big flavor without adding excessive calories.

Usually attached to one of the following words: chips, bread, desserts, and refills. In any case, the act of giving away low-cost foods and beverages is a common tactic restaurants use to add value to the “customer experience.” It might seem like a treat, but these empty calories add up quickly.

Create Your Own
The safest or most dangerous phrase you’ll find on a menu, depending on how you play it. Mexican menus feature this prominently, and if you choose wisely (crunchy tacos, enchiladas), it could be your safest strategy. But freewheeling pizza and pasta creations require restraint.

The restaurant industry’s euphemism of choice for breaded and deep-fried fare. Expect it to carry a massive load of fat and excess calories.

Italian Cold Cuts
An umbrella term used by delis and sub shops to denote any mix of the following cured meats: ham, salami, capicola, prosciutto, bologna, mortadella, and sopressata. High in fat and sodium, ¬Italian-style sandwiches are always among the worst you’ll find in a deli.

Lightly Breaded
The phrase most restaurants use to distract diners from the fact the food they’re about to eat has been rolled in flour, egg, and bread crumbs before taking a dip in a vat of hot oil. Doesn’t matter how light the breading is; it’s the oil part that will get you.

Secret Sauce
In the vast majority of cases, this refers to a spread of about 80 percent mayonnaise and 20 percent ketchup. It might also have a smattering of relish mixed in, making it nearly identical to Thousand Island dressing. Expect it to add an extra 120 calories to your sandwich.

From Eat This, Not That 4/23/12

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