Wednesday , 23 May 2018

The Sports Bruu’s Numbers Game: #PeskyStars, Tornado Tuesday, and My Masters Champion

By Mike Bruu, TSB Sports Writer

1. Welcome back into another edition of The Numbers Game, a week in which I wonder if Nike can make a uniform for me to wear every Wednesday night as I sit down and write this column. You guys might not know this but I do sweat quite a bit while I grind away at this piece each and every week, so having material that can soak it up and keep me dry greatly intrigues me. But let’s forget about my hopes and dreams in life and get down to business as yet another eventful week of sports has occurred around the world. I will choose my winner of the 2012 Masters in just a little bit, which you all might want to take seriously considering another champion I predicted just won a title on Tuesday. Let’s start this thing with a little bragging session, shall we?

2. Who called the Baylor Lady Bears winning the NCAA Girls Basketball Tournament? This guy. Does it matter that Baylor was the overwhelming favorite by everybody in the country? Nope, I still got the pick right. So yes, my men’s pick of Michigan State-Michigan came up astonishingly short, but I can always say that I nailed the girls bracket like nobody’s business.

3. And that concludes the Sports Bruu’s bragging session. We now return you to your regular scheduled programming.

4. I only caught the tail end of the Cardinals-Marlins game on Wednesday night, but the new Marlins Park is absolutely incredible. I can look past the sculpture in left-center field that looks like it belongs in the gymnasium that Jackie Moon and the Flint Tropics played at in the movie ‘Semi-Pro’, but the fish tank around the backstop is incredibly innovative and the ballpark definitely feels open and spacious. For a ballpark in South Beach, Marlins Park is flashy and edgy enough to continue to attract those bandwagon fans for years to come.

5. You want to know powerful the NFL is? They can release the PRE-SEASON schedule on a Wednesday afternoon and trump any other sports news for at least a couple hours after its release. Generally the league announces the regular season schedule in the middle of April that has now turned into a league event of some sorts, with two-hour shows breaking down each and every game while determining who has the easiest and hardest schedule this fall. Don’t get me wrong I fall for it too, but sometimes we need a slap in the face to realize how much the NFL controls our sports minds all year long.

6. It appears as though the #PeskyStars will miss the postseason for a fourth consecutive season after three straight losses, all by three goals, including two in a row to division rival San Jose. The Stars have a road game tonight in Nashville and a home game versus on St. Louis to finish out the ’11-’12 campaign, and while there is still a mathematical chance of Dallas sneaking in as the seventh or eighth seed, confidence amongst the fans and even the players appear to be pretty low. The Stars need two wins against playoff bound opponents and then they can worry about getting all the necessary help. A group that probably overachieved this year by even being in playoff discussions will likely be setting up golf tee times come Sunday morning, instead of preparing for the Western Conference playoffs.

7. I have said this for a very long time, but I am fascinated by the human nature to marvel at events or natural occurrences that can potentially harm or even kill us. While I was definitely nervous watching the events of Tornado Tuesday unfold on TV, I found myself unable to look away from the incredible video of the trailers being thrown around in the air as if they were ragdolls. And while I never want to see a tornado destroy anyone’s house or building, I find myself intoxicated by the idea of one day chasing after a storm like that and being mere miles away from a force of destruction much, much greater than myself. I just think that is an emotion in the human brain that I will never understand why it is there.

8. In all seriousness, it is absolutely a miracle that nobody was killed in any of the tornadoes that touched down. Part of that may be luck, but with Twitter, Facebook, and text messaging now at the forefront of our society, people are aware of these warnings long before any sirens go off and are able to find shelter and be better prepared to stay safe. In addition, I would say that CBS 11 was the best channel to watch for the coverage during the heart of the storm. They relied much more information than the other three and reset the situations much more fluidly.

9. I saw this question on Facebook during the storm, but it really had me thinking about what my answer would be. The question was if you had one item to save before a tornado was going to destroy your home, what would you save and why? Now of course we would save pets or other people, but if we excluded life forms the answers people give are usually very interesting. I would save a scrapbook I made when I was younger that is full of newspaper clippings and photos that I cut out and pasted from the games of my favorite NFL team. I worked insanely hard on the book and invested several hours of labor into making it as good as it could be, and I have always thought of it as a symbol for a big part of my life. So next time you are waiting out a storm, ask your family and friends what they would save and see what kind of answers you get.

10. The best week of golf all year is upon us once again. Nothing beats four days at Augusta National, as the greatest players in the world all compete for a chance to wear the only socially acceptable green jacket in the world. Having Tiger coming off his win at Bayhill is just what the Masters could have hoped for, because now they are set up for a Rory-Tiger-Phil Sunday draw. If all three men are within a stroke or two of the lead going into Sunday, the ratings for the final round will be astronomical. I have always been a huge Tiger fan and have very little doubt that he will at least tie Jack’s majors record, but something tells me Rory McIlroy is going to rebound from his epic collapse last year on the back nine and win the 2012 Masters. If he can face the 10th hole on Sunday head on and overcome the demons that sent him spiraling towards a back nine 43 in 2011, then McIlroy has the swing and the short game to win his first Masters.

11. Lebanese basketball player Mohammad El Akkari plays for Moutahed, Tripoli, in Lebanon’s Division A League Final 8. He is a guard that averages 7.6 points per game, so when I tell you that he scored 106 points above his average on Tuesday, understand that this is not some belated April Fools Day joke. Akkari scored 113 points in a 173-141 victory against Bejjeh, Jbeil, shooting 40 of 69 from the field including an astonishing 32 of 59 from the 3-point line. I don’t know whether to be fascinated by this or to question is legitimacy, but all I know is he must have walked into the locker room that night determined to shoot the ball over and over and over again. Fortunately for him, the shots went through the hoop more times than not.

12. I really don’t understand Sooner or Aggie fans that buy a Longhorn sticker just to put it upside down on their car. I mean you just spent money buying something with the colors of your archenemy on it, only to stick it right back to them by putting the logo upside down. Am I the only one who thinks that is highly confusing and unnecessary?

13. Detroit Lions running back Mikel Leshoure was supposed to be arraigned on Monday following a charge of possession of marijuana on March 12th. Now while he is only supposed to be fined and put on probation, listen to this quote from Baroda-Lake Township Police Chief Gary Ruhl about how his departments outlook on the use of weed. “It’s just pure stupid, considering that police officers aren’t actively looking for marijuana arrests. If you’re going to smoke marijuana, do it in your house.” Not exactly what those drug prevention commercials are saying now, are they? I guess police handle weed differently in every part of the country.

14. Song of the Week: Theraflu – Kanye West. When he wants to completely take over a track, no one in the world can do it bigger and better than Mr. West. Say what you want to about his personality and his antics at award shows, but the man has a true gift in his ability to create rap music that will stand the test of time. Plus, he gives a little punch to Kim Kardashian in the song, which is always a welcomed treat in my book.

15. After driving around my new Honda Accord for the last couple days, I have no idea how I have driven without a sunroof for all these years. Overall, I absolutely love my Accord. Biggest reason? The subs and speakers. My neighborhood can tell you about their quality.

16. Am I the only one who thinks Raytheon has the ability to change the weather around McKinney? How many times have we seen storms break apart over us, only to meet back together when they are a few miles north of here? It is a long-standing theory in the Bruu household and one that I believe needs to be answered.

17. The Sports Bruu Podcast is now available for download on iTunes! If you search “Sports Bruu” on the search bar it should take you to the page. Episodes 4-6 are up at the moment, but 1-3 will be put on the site in the upcoming days. This is a very exciting step for Town Square Buzz and myself, and I would like to personally thank everyone who has phrased the show over the last couple weeks. I greatly appreciate it.

18.  I believe that about wraps up another edition of The Numbers Game. If you need me this weekend I will be in front of the television flipping back and forth between the Masters and Major League Baseball. Until next time, ladies and gentlemen. 

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