Monday , 21 May 2018

The Sports Bruu’s Numbers Game: NFL Madness, Soccer `Title Town’ and Facebook Passwords

By Mike Bruu, TSB Sports Writer

1. Welcome into another week of The Numbers Game, where I promise that I don’t have any bounties out for opposing sports writers in McKinney or surrounding areas. Not yet, at least. And speaking of the NFL, to show you just how crazy this whole Tim Tebow fiasco has been, here is how it has affected my life: When I began writing this column, Tim was a Denver Bronco. When I was halfway through the column, Tim could reportedly “decide” between the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars. When I was finished with the column, Tim essentially “chose” the Jets. Why has this affected me? Because I lost the chance to dish out Tebow jokes everyday to my editor, who happens to be a diehard Jags fan. I guess that’s why they say life isn’t fair, right?

2. Speaking of Mr. Tebow, it was announced in the early evening on Wednesday that the Broncos and the Jets had finally reached an agreement in the trade of Number 15, after spending most of the day held up on contractual sticking points. The Broncos receive the Jets fourth and sixth-round draft picks in exchange for Tebow and a seventh-round pick. I still don’t know what to make of the whole situation, but if the reports are true that Tebow could “pick” between the Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars on where he could go, why would he not choose his hometown to play? If I am Mark Sanchez in New York, I am seriously wondering why they would bring in Tebow-mania when I am already locked up for three more years. I guess we will have fun seeing more of that awesome Wildcat next year in NYC.

3. I consider myself a pretty intense football fan, but when the whole story came out about the New Orleans Saints’ bounty scandal, I could have cared less about it or how many players were involved. If your favorite team didn’t have a documented and organized bounty system in place, there were still players getting together and offering each other rewards for taking out quarterbacks and start receivers. I don’t want those strong and physically gifted human beings to try and destroy one another, but we all love and watch football every fall because we love the violence.

4. In terms of the punishment handed down by Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday, the message was pretty loud and clear: get caught breaking the rules and you will seriously pay. If Sean Payton has to sit out a full season for not stopping the organization and then attempting to cover it up with the league, then former Saints defensive coordinator and the leader of the bounty system, Gregg Williams, is surely to miss two or three, (Williams is currently suspended indefinitely). I can’t see the Saints coming back from this and making a run at becoming the first team to host a Super Bowl in their own stadium, despite having all the talent to be a championship squad.

5. Peyton Manning holding up an orange Denver Bronco uniform on Tuesday was one of the most bizarre sites I have ever seen. The idea that the Broncos went from 75-1 odds to win Super Bowl 47 to 8-1 just by signing Manning is pretty far-fetched, even if it is a first ballot Hall of Famer now under center. Manning has to go out and win the AFC West and at least two playoff games to keep the Tebow fanatics off his back, even if it is just for this year. I really want to find the people who got Tebow tattoos on their bodies in a Bronco uniform and tell them everything will be ok. I am sure that the huge design on your back of Tebow riding a bronco into the sunset will look so amazing when you are 60 years old.

6. If the national coverage that the Peyton Manning, Tebow, and Saints bounty scandal stories all received while in the month of March doesn’t prove that the NFL is the king of sports, I don’t know what will. Just wait till everyone and their mother comes out with their mock drafts in just a few weeks. Oh, football. What would we do without you?

7. The Associate Press ran a story this week about a math statistician who was asked during a job interview for his Facebook username and password. The man withdrew his name from consideration, saying that he would not work for a company who would request such personal information. It is one thing for companies to check on possible employees’ Facebooks for inappropriate comments and pictures, but to have access to the account itself is incredibly wrong on so many levels. I really hope that if employers ask you to hand over your social media passwords that you simply walk out without a word. To me, no job would be worth handing over access to any personal account. Period.

8. The city of McKinney is proud to have another student-athlete furthering a successful athletic career. Kristyn Leung, a senior soccer player on the MHS Lionettes, signed with Francis Marion University on Wednesday morning. She was joined alongside her parents, Emily and Francois, and two sisters, Emily (left) and Samantha (right). Congrats and best of luck in the future from everyone here at Town Square Buzz!

9. McKinney Boyd softball is currently 5-0 in District 10-5A, sitting pretty in first place with 10 games remaining in the regular season. In fact, the Lady Broncos quality play through the first half of the season has earned themselves the No. 8 ranking in the Texas Girls Coaches Association Poll, the highest ranking in program history. With a team full of underclassmen and first year starters, it will be exciting to see just how far this group is able to go this postseason.

10. Boy, covering all these soccer playoff games this next month and a half is going to be tiring to say the least. The three McKinney high schools continued to show why Mactown is considered “Title Town” for soccer, sending all six-varsity squads into the UIL State playoffs. With potentially four district champion teams to take the pitch next week for the start of the playoffs, there will be a ton of pressure on each boys and girls team to make a deep run in this year’s tournament. From the MHS boys attempting to continue their perfect run through District 17-4A and into the postseason, to the attempt at back-to-back State championships for the Lady Broncos, there will be a ton of enticing storylines to be played on in the next few weeks in the world of high school soccer. For the latest news and the best local coverage of the soccer playoffs, stay tuned in to Town Square Buzz Sports.

11. Trying to drive my Ford Escape down Highway 121 on Monday afternoon in that crazy wind was one of the scariest experiences of my life. It totally threw off my groove while I was trying to sing the new Nicki Minaj song. Starships were meant to fly Nicki, just not in 40-50 MPH gusts while going 75 MPH on a major toll road. I’ll try again this weekend.

12. The Sweet 16 kicks off tomorrow night, beginning my general decline in interest for the NCAA tournament. The first four days have always been my favorite, and unless I have a team or a player I have latched onto all season long, I watch with only a casual eye. I am looking forward to seeing the West regional matchup between four-seed Louisville and one-seed Michigan State, purely because MSU is my national champion and I love watching Draymond Green dominate the boards and play some ball. If you are interested, that matchup tips off at 6:47 p.m. on TBS.

13. You may recognize him as Troy Barnes from the NBC sitcom Community, or as his real name of Donald Glover in Comedy Central standup specials, but to many musical fans around the world he is simply known as Childish Gambino. For a man who is so gifted in the comedian role, you don’t often expect for him to turn around and be able to rap like he does, but after a couple of listens to Mr. Gambino and you will be thoroughly impressed. His first studio album, Camp, is an interesting collection of tracks that definitely are carried by the variety in the beats and his over-the-top metaphors and imagery. At times he talks out of character and becomes darker than his personality likely is, but he does create a pretty solid foundation of who and what Childish Gambino is. If you want to test him out, YouTube “Bonfire” and “Heartbeat”. Once again the content is not always suitable for children, so proceed with caution.

14. If you would like a little sneak peek in what is coming up next Monday on The Sports Bruu Podcast, the a little sneak peek I shall give. Next week’s show will be dedicated to the great game of baseball, where Steve and I will discuss what we hope to see in the 2012 season from the Texas Rangers and who we have winning it all in October. Also, we will review the ESPN Film, The Announcement, the 90-minute documentary about the Magic Johnson HIV story. It should be a fantastic show for you all on Monday, so go ahead and bookmark now.

15. If someone takes me to see 21 Jump Street in theaters, I will pay for popcorn and some Buncha Crunch. Drinks are on you though.

16. Hats off to Jack’s Pub for another great American Idol watching party for Hollie Cavanagh. And to the waitress to whom I gave a 50 percent tip for lemonade, I hope that means I am getting one on the house next week. We can talk about this next week.

17. I believe that concludes another edition of The Numbers Game for this week. I just want to say a quick thank you to everyone who has given any form of feedback in what I have been doing the past couple months. Good or bad, I have taken it all in and am getting better at this every week, and I hope you guys out there are enjoying reading and listening to what I think I know about sports and stuff as much as I love writing and talking about it. Until next time, ladies and gentlemen.

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