Saturday , 24 March 2018

The Sports Bruu’s Numbers Game: MLB All-Star Game, ‘Ted’ and the Reality of the Dallas Mavericks

By Mike Bruu, TSB Sports Writer

1. Welcome into the Fourth of July week, special Friday morning, and the last one before my vacation edition of The Numbers Game. I hope everyone enjoyed their July 4th celebrations responsibly while taking in some of the great firework shows around the area. There’s not much that beats enjoying time with family and friends on a great summer’s night, except maybe a numbers oriented column all about sports. Let’s do this thing.

2. Did anyone really expect Deron Williams to come to Dallas over Brooklyn? If you have your hand raised, go find Game 6 of the 2011 NBA Finals and relive that moment in Mavericks lore. Because for the last four years of Dirk’s hall of fame career we are going to witness several seasons of the Mavs duking it out with the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Sacramento Kings for the 8th seed in the Western Conference. Why would a player of Williams’ caliber choose to play second fiddle to Dirk for four years when he could be the star of a “new” franchise in Brooklyn, with Jay-Z as one of your head honchos and a billionaire Russian who has plans and money to be the one true favorite in the Big Apple? That’s not even mentioning the fact he would be leaving almost $25 million on the table by walking from the Nets and choosing Dallas because of their inability to max out a contract to him. It appears it’s going to be especially rough in 2012-13 for our boys in blue.

3. Jeremy Lin reportedly will sign an offer sheet to play for the Houston Rockets, one of the couple teams who signed Lin when he was just another body on the bench and released him before he struck big in N.Y.C. Now while the New York Knicks have the chance to match the 4-year/$30 million deal, its backloaded contract might be too much of a luxury tax hit for them to take, which would make Lin an official Rocket on July 11. If Houston does get Mr. Lin, here is a Numbers Game Sports Point for you: You will barely hear a peep from him in one year. It will be like he is not even in the league anymore. Nothing against the Rockets, but more than half of his hype was purely the New York media and the fine folks at ESPN. I just feel like we should have a moment of silence for the thousands of people who bought Jeremy Lin authentic Knick jerseys and may have no use for them in a couple of days.

4. Yu Darvish and David Freese won the fan voting for the final spot in each respective league in next week’s MLB All-Star Game. I think I would be more shocked if Yu hadn’t won considering he had an entire country voting for him, but the accomplishment is still plenty impressive. Smart move by Rangers skipper Ron Washington in putting Matt Harrison on the official roster and having Yu as a final vote candidate. No way the U.S.A votes in Matt Harrison into the midsummer classic. I do think that future political campaigns should observe what happened in San Francisco though. In the final few days of voting, third basemen Pablo Sandoval and catcher Buster Posey were able to bypass Mets 3B David Wright and Phillies C Carlos Ruiz, both of whom had huge deficits to overcome. Whatever strategy or motivating tool the Giants used to get their fans to vote needs to be evaluated, because that is a feat that is quite mind-blowing if you really look at the numbers.

5. Yes, I have seen the movie Ted twice now. Yes, I would see it a third if anyone would care to take me. It’s like a human, two-hour version of Family Guy, with random pop culture references, insanely inappropriate metaphors, and the voice of Peter Griffin as the stuffed bear. Just one friendly reminder to all the parents out there who just see a stuffed bear in the previews and really don’t pay attention to the whole premise, so they decide to bring their 12-year-old kid to the movie and have to leave halfway through because of all the R-rated content: leave the kids at home. This is one stuffed animal you won’t want to let your kids sleep with. For Seth MacFarlane, I applaud you sir. Ted became the third-highest grossing R-rated comedy on its opening weekend, trailing only The Hangover II and Sex and the City. It seems like just yesterday my girlfriends and I were seeing the midnight showing of Sex and the City.

6. NFL training camps start at the end of this month. Seriously. I always get so excited for camp to open up and to get some insight into how the team is looking, but halfway through the first preseason game I immediately want to take a nap. I now understand why many people just tell me to alert them when September rolls around for the real fun to begin.

7. Song of the Week: Trouble On My Mind – Pusha T FT. Tyler, The Creator. I’ll be honest with all of you in saying that I have no real song that has stuck out to me this week. I’m not going to say that this was a song that I played this week before the fireworks show to show off my subs in my car, but I’m not going to say that it wasn’t either.

8. Since I won’t be able to give my review on the MLB All-Star Game next Thursday, I will look into my crystal ball and give you the winner and MVP right now. After being down 3-2 in the eighth inning, the American League storms back with a three-run home run by Mike Trout, with Fernando Rodney shutting in down in the 9th for a 5-3 A.L win. Trout wins MVP and immediately decides he wants to leave the Angels to play for the Rangers. OK, I think the crystal ball is lying in that last part, but it was a good effort.

9. Miami Marlins outfielder Giancarlo Stanton will have the most jaw-dropping home runs in the Home Run Derby on Monday night, but my money is on Yankees second basemen Robinson Cano to repeat as the champion. Take these predictions to Vegas folks. I got you on these.

10. I hope everyone enjoyed two straight weeks of The Sports Bruu Podcast being co-hosted by my younger brother Alex and my good pal Michael Skelton. They prefer to go by their stage name Team B.S. but you can remember them just for their incredible sports knowledge and amazing radio skills. I think that’s exactly what I was supposed to type if I can read their handwriting good enough. Don’t worry folks, my regular podcast buddy returns on Monday for the final TSB Podcast until my trip. Steve, I missed you pal.

11. I think I am going to cut out of here just a bit early this week. After a week away from everything, I am going to be incredibly motivated to return and get prepared for another tremendous year of McKinney high school athletics. Make sure you check out the McKinney Sports Desk Podcast with this week’s guest Ben Dutze. If you missed it, please click here. He’s a great kid and a really fun interview. I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks and I will talk to you guys again very soon! Until next time, ladies and gentlemen.

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