Tuesday , 22 May 2018

The Mayans’ Prediction Could Be Right, But Only God Knows

Submitted by Bruce B. Miller, Christ Fellowship Church

Will the world end on 12-21-12? What did the Mayans see that led to this conclusion?

Mayan experts debate whether the Mayans really thought the world would end on December 21, 2012. It’s the end of “Buktun 13,” a long cycle on the Mayan calendar based on multiple cycles of time. For them it would be the equivalent of a string of zeros such as the odometer turning over on your car.

Why are we so fascinated by the end of the world? Recent movies and TV shows from Red Dawn to Zombie Apocalypse base their plots on end-of-the-world scenarios. Intuitively we know we are wrecking our planet with our “advances” in technology and manufacturing. Our military weapons of mass destruction – nuclear, biological and chemical – could destroy life on the earth. Not to speak of astronomical disasters such a meteors and the nightmare of imagined alien attacks. So we worry. We fear.

Is there hope for our future? Why is it that doomsday prophets get more press than optimistic preachers of a better tomorrow? Perhaps deep inside we know that the future is much more likely to be bleak than full of peace and joy. We know ourselves too well. The seductions of money and power combined with prejudice and fear drive us to competition and war. We know each of us will die one day so we imagine that this world will too.

So how will it all end and when? The Bible tells us that this world will come to an end, but that no one can know the day it will be. The world will decline into greater turmoil and distress including natural disasters as well as war. So what hope do we have?

Our only hope is for outside intervention to help us. Christmas celebrates that intervention. Thankfully, God intervened when he sent Jesus Christ into our world to save us from ourselves. He died on the cross to take the sins of the world on his shoulders, then he rose from the dead, victorious over evil. But he delayed his final
victory to give people time to repent and choose to follow him.

One day, after it gets much worse here on earth, Jesus Christ will return to set the world right. Then when doomsday is over the world will be full of peace and joy once and for all. 12-21-12 could be the day Christ returns, only God knows, but that day will come.

Bruce B. Miller is senior pastor of Christ Fellowship church with locations in McKinney, Prosper and online. www.christfellowshiphome.com

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