Monday , 23 April 2018

The Day in the Life of a McKinney Realtor

I thought it’d be fun to track a day in my life so last week I kept a journal of one of my days. I excluded a few minor details, like dragging my three teenagers out of bed and off to school, to spare you the agony 🙂

8:25 AM Drop off my 7th grader at FMS.

8:36 AM Stop at Starbucks for my morning coffee.

8:52 AM Run by my vacant listing in Stonebridge Ranch to check on the progress of paint and tile work being done.

9:15 AM Still waiting on contractor to show up, made a few follow up calls with title company and mortgage lenders on a few deals.

9:27 AM Meet with contractor, wonder why he is always late finishing the job???? Set deadline for completion, um, hello, YESTERDAY!!!!

10:05 AM Head to office to meet with new client for a consultation.

10:07 AM Phone call to owner of the vacant listing to update on progress.

10:20 AM Work on “Sold in 6 days!” postcard for the listing that just SOLD while waiting for new client to arrive.

10:36 AM New client consultation; went over wants/needs list, began the mortage pre-qualification process; set up appointment to begin viewing homes for Friday.

11:14 AM Check emails.

11:22 AM I’m starved but have to finish this postcard first!!!

11:28 AM Phone call from Escrow officer checking status of the survey from the Sellers.

11:29 AM Phone call to Sellers regarding status of locating the existing survey.

11:30 AM Mail delivered – Flyers for the newest listing are here!! Funny because the house is already SOLD!!! I wonder if I can just buy a stick to put across the flyer that says “Sold in 6 Days!” and distribute all around the neighborhood???

11:32 AM Update 365 Things to Do in McKinney Fanpage on Facebook.

11:35 AM Phone call confirming the kids dental appointments for tomorrow afternoon.

11:50 AM Back to work on the postcard.

12:16 PM Finally done! Now I can eat!

12:18 PM Phone my photographer to confirm appointment for new listings in Historic District of McKinney.

12:22 PM Check and return emails while I heat up a lean cuisine.

12:42 PM Forgot about my lunch in the microwave until I hear someone asking who’s pasta is this? LOL

12:45 PM Finished my lunch, what? It was very small 🙂

12:50 PM Start reviewing comparable sales for a listing appointment this afternoon.

1:07 PM Update listing presentation with this afternoon’s appointment information. Print comps.

1:15 PM Call from school, middle child forgot her cheer bag, can I bring it by?

1:26 PM Drop off cheer bag at MHS. 1:39 PM Back at office, finishing up presentation.

2:05 PM Phone call from lender with approval for a new client looking for a townhouse in McKinney! I love those phone calls.

2:06 PM Phone client letting him know that he is approved and we can start looking ASAP! Set appointment for Saturday morning.

2:07 PM Check and return a few emails.

2:39 PM Run by listing in Creek Crossing to place “Under Contract” sign on yard sign! Seller is home so we chatted for a few minutes. Met a passerby neighbor that stopped to say Congrats!

2:51 PM Dropped off postcard image at the printer.

3:09 PM Ran by and grabbed a smoothie – had to! I was still hungry.

3:15 PM Quick phone call to check on oldest child just getting home from MBHS.

3:15 Phone call to this afternoon’s appointment to confirm we are still meeting at 5:00 PM.

3:17 PM Run by McKinney Wine Merchant on the Square to pick up an order Krug champagne for client gift.

3:33 PM Phone call to oldest child to have him pull the chicken out of the freezer for dinner. Glad I remembered – whew!

3:38 PM Phone call from the City of McKinney – water was turned on at new lease listing. And there appears to be water running inside. I better head that way.

3:56 PM Yeah there’s a leak alright! Leaking water line for the fridge is more like a spraying water line. And the City left the water running??

4:04 PM Call to City of McKinney, please come back!!! They are sending a tech in the area over now.

4:12 PM Run to Home Depot – pick up squiggees, and a clamp to stop the water from leaking.

4:29 PM Back at lease house – water is off. Squiggee water out the back door and clamp the water line.

4:50 PM On my way to listing presentation – I’m sure I look a hot mess now! Call my plumber buddy, Eric. He can run out this evening and look at! Hopefully repair on the spot, too!

5:01 Pm Arrive at listing appointment and rocked it! Selling their home to move up, my favorite types of clients. Agreement to list signed and will go ont he market in 14 days.

6:06 PM – Headed to home to pick up middle child for ballet/pointe class and send oldest and youngest to the youngest’s game at Ron Poe Stadium. Go Lions!

6:22 PM Put chicken in the fridge – cause it looks like we’re all eating out tonight. Give the oldest cash to buy dinner at the game.

6:45 PM Man the phones at the MDA while middle child is in class; catch up on emails and phone calls, follow up with 2 new leads that came in on my website today, and prepare for listing appointment for later in the week.

9:30 PM Home from dance. Help with homework and pack lunches for tomorrow.

10:30 PM Check emails one more time before shower and bed!

And that my friends is the day in the life of this McKinney Realtor!

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