Thursday , 26 April 2018

Thanks for the Memories: Countdown to Thanksgiving #9

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and the TSB staff continues to peer into their memory banks and share a favorite memory of Thanksgivings past. This one is from TSB contributor Harvey Oaxaca:

Thanksgiving at 7531 Adobe Drive, by Harvey Oaxaca

Long before I started having special memories and Thanksgiving traditions with my wife and children, as a child I remember special memories being made yearly as my 13 brothers and sisters and myself enjoyed Thanksgiving at my ancestral home, 7531 Adobe Drive in El Paso, Texas.

Thanksgiving meal was always held at my parents’ house. During the entire week leading up to Thanksgiving,
the house smelled like a diner as my mother, my aunts and anyone else who could be recruited. They helped to prepare both a traditional meal of turkey, dressing and all the fixings but also to honor our Hispanic heritage a full Mexican Thanksgiving meal consisting of ham, tamales, menudo, chorizo, beans and tortillas.

Thanksgiving morning my extended family would gather for the noon meal. Along with my siblings, Uncles, Aunts cousins and anyone else who may have been invited that year began gathering. It was not uncommon for 50-60 people to gather for this meal. There was constant noise throughout the house as family caught up with each other. There was also much laughter and love that morning. I must have gotten my cheeks pinched at least a half a dozen times by “Tia Lala.”

There was no table large enough to sit everyone at once, so food and people were seated all over the house. My father strained to get everyone’s attention so he could bless the food.

At 6 p.m. we would all gather around the TV to watch the yearly presentation of “It’s a Wonderful Life!” and this signaled the beginning of the Christmas season. More happiness!!!

The meal lasted about 2 hours but the great memories of family are etched in my mind for a lifetime. As
a child those were some of the most memorable times of my life, I felt happy, safe and loved. I never wanted Thanksgiving Day to end.

It truly was a “Wonderful Life!”

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