Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Thanks for the Memories: Countdown to Thanksgiving # 6

The TSB staff continue to share personal memories of their favorite Thanksgiving. Kyra Effren, accomplished chef and food writer, responded to the request for this kind of story with, “Well, that is going to be quite a challenge since Thanksgiving is not celebrated in England – where I was born – or South Africa where I grew up.

“One could more or less call it a Day of Mourning for losing America and all that!!”

A Memorable Thanksgiving  of a Different Kind
by Kyra Effren

One Thanksgiving the Dallas Morning News Food Section got the ‘bright’ idea [probably mine] of photographing the turkey etc at Old City Park in the Dog Trot House.

So we schlepped everything down — the cooked turkey, the trimmings and  the photographic equipment — and attempted to produce a good photo in the gloom of the house.

After 3 hours we were “done” and so was the turkey, which had shrivelled and shrunk and looked pathetic.

The photographers’ equipment blew all the lights in the Park and we were persona non grata with the Park staff.

The results were a turkey that probably looked a lot more like the scrawny ones eaten by the pioneers than their plump modern counterparts.

At least that is how we explained  it.

For the first time in my food-styling career, nobody in the normally ravenous DMN corp would eat the leftovers. Of course I did not learn my lesson, and we begged our way back one year  to photograph the Texas Dog Trot Gingerbread House I had constructed.

Better luck there, though I do believe we blew the fuses again. We were then barred for…ever.



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