Wednesday , 20 June 2018

Thanks for the Memories: Countdown to Thanksgiving # 3

The staff share our Thanksgiving memories. (Part 3)

My First Thanksgiving at the Maurantonio’s House
by TSB Sales Director, Judi Maurantonio

There were twenty eight relatives that year at the Maurantonio Thanksgiving dinner of ‘95. Sounds like a lot of people, right? However, for my former mother in-law, Gigi, it was a piece of pie; or at least that’s what she wanted us to believe! She would start preparing a week out; washing the china, stemware, and ironing the linen tablecloths and napkins – you get the idea.

Our diverse family was divided by the various activities going on through out the elegant Californian estate. The adults socialized over wine and Hors d’oeuvre as they watched the children play games, run around outside, and shoot the BB guns at empty cans and who knows what else.

Every family brought their special side dish, but when it came to making the pies it was Gigi’s way or the highway! We had an assembly line of pie makers. Gigi would make all the crusts, I would peel dozens of apples, someone else would core a few pumpkins, and so on. We had every pie imaginable: pumpkin, chocolate meringue, apple, lemon meringue, and fresh pecan pie (made from the pecan’s from the tree in our neighbor’s front yard back in McKinney). This Maurantonio tradition of pie making was some serious business.

During the two days of tedious pie making, I had what I thought was a great idea. I suggested to my Mother in-law “Wouldn’t be easier to buy frozen pie crusts?” The kitchen fell silent as she turned her head toward me in shock. She said, “I have never bought pre-made crust and I never will!” Apparently, buying pre-made crust contradicts the concept of  “homemade” pies.

I’ve never forgotten her words and I will always remember the joy she brought to my life when I bake a pie by making my own crust. This Thanksgiving, instead of buying a frozen or pre-made pie, make some memories by baking a pie with your family from scratch.

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