Friday , 22 June 2018

Terri Green, Is she REALLY the person she says she is?

To those of you who think Terri Green would make a good judge, why don’t you come to the Collin County probate court on Thursday April 12 at 10:45 AM and see Green’s “Court Performance” and THEN decide if she is really the person she claims to be?

As the “Court Appointed Attorney of the Estate of Fay Louise Hohmann” Terri Green SHOULD be in court on April 12, 2012 TRYING HER BEST to “Protect” Mom’s estate to be used for Mom’s needs exclusively. In Hawaii, Green argued in court that it was in mom’s “best interest to have the trust money, taken OUT of a protective trust and sent to Texas to be distributed to attorney’s and all others,” before mom, the legitimate and rightful heir.

GREEN, and GREEN’S ATTORNEYS have already been paid VERY generously by mom’s estate; Mom is very much alive and needs every dime to pay for her care, and she needs a genuine advocate in court! At this moment, mom has neither money nor a court advocate for her. Only by the grace of God, your continued prayers, and the determination of Ruth Hohmann, does mom have a hope of keeping what is rightfully hers.

Judge Weldon Copeland is handing the heavy lifting to visiting Judge Don Windle on Thursday to spend all of mom’s money; expect more corruption, afterall, which one is the teacher and which one is the student?  That is hard to tell when so many people are scurrying around like rats on a sinking ship, gathering what gold and stinking cheese is left.

Register of ActionsCase No. GA1-0074-2010In the Guardianship Of Fay Louise Hohmann § Case Type: Probate – Guardianship for an Adult  Subtype: Of The Person & Estate Date Filed: 06/15/2010 Location: Probate Courts
Incapacitated Person Hohmann, Fay Louise  
6/23/2011 Terri H. Green  Court Appointed “Attorney for the Estate” 972-731-2609(W) 

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