Friday , 25 May 2018

Ten Ways Stress can take its Toll on Total Wellness

Three out of every four health visits are related to(di)stress. Sometimes there are external factors but don’t misunderstand, “stress” is not always bad yet when its not handled properly but rather handles us, this can lead to significant loss and change…and not just financially.

Half of all Americans say that stress has a negative affect on their professional and personal lives. Stress causes our immune system to weaken, which leads to poor health and frequent battles with illness…which directly(and indirectly) means more money lost. According to a study conducted by Thomas H. Holmes and Richard H. Rahe, 55 stress ‘triggers’ were identified in the mid-late 60’s. The most recent study completed in 2006 identified 63 main causes of stress. Go figure huh? The usual suspects still persist in the work place, in our homes, and in our pocket books.

While financial concerns inflated by less job security, troubles on the homefront, and the costs of treating preventable causes of death continue to mount, unchecked and uncontrolled stress takes its toll on us. Not only does stress affect us physically, but stress can be just as powerful physiologically and psychologically in its impact on us.  Below are 10 ways the bad, bad, voodoo (wo)man, aka…STRESS…whittles away at us and can eventually take its toll.

 — Poor concentration-maybe it took you several times to finish reading this…

— Poor judgment, confused mind- you can’t decide if you should tell someone else to read this or not….

— Hypersensitive and extremely moody-you think I must be talking to you, you’re mad, but you’re laughing… now you’re mad again…
— Getting irritated for the smallest of reason and overreacting to any situation-yellin’ at the lil’ ol lady at Subway ‘I SAID LIGHTLY TOASTED’
— Loss of confidence-listening…and believing negative personal self talk…at home and abroad
— Eating/sleeping too much or too little-you know which one is you…
— Disturbed sleep, leading to a host of other problems-up ALLLL night…and not for a good reason
— Constant headache-30-80% of adults have occasional headaches, 3% have chronic daily tension headaches
— Severe digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea)-digestion can shutdown because the CNS shuts down blood flow, affects contractions of digestive muscles
— High blood pressure-doing activities to reduce bp, such as exercising 30-60 minutes a day, can reduce your stress levels

— Breathing problems-stressed breathing becomes shallow often with an inability to take a deep breath because of possible chest tightness
— Feeling tired constantly (even when you wake up in the morning)-chronic fatigue syndrome is related to the normal interactions among the various systems of the body as we manage stress

Identifying stress and its management involves changing or redefining the stressful situation when you can, changing your reaction when you can’t, taking care of yourself always, and making time daily for rest and relaxation. Strike back against stress.


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