Sunday , 27 May 2018

Teen Talk: Working Hard or Hardly … Sleeping?

By Christine Baker, TSB Staff

Juggling school and extracurricular activities isn’t the only thing teenagers have to deal with, try adding a job to that list of things to do. Even though finding a job right now isn’t easy, many of us have managed to find jobs that we love.

I recently got a job at Texas Roadhouse as a server and I love it! Even though serving is not an easy job, when you get the hang of it and like the people you work with, work becomes a lot more fun. I work about 20 hours a week and even though it hasn’t hurt my grades, I have been sacrificing a lot more sleep to try and finish all of my assignments. I use my money to go out with friends and pay for school trips most of the time and having a job that deals with people really opens your eyes and teaches you how the real world actually is.

“I’m a Barista at Starbucks,” Charleigh Hollas-Pfingst said. “I basically run the floor and I make drinks as well as clean and ring up on the register. I love my job because I have gotten to know some really great people.”

Working roughly 10-25 hours a week, most teens has to sacrifice sleep in order to keep up with school.

“I’m a GSA (Guest Satisfaction Assurance) at Texas Roadhouse,” Sabrina Jamal said.  “And it’s my job to visit every table and make sure that they are being properly taken care of. Having a job makes it a lot harder to get homework done because most of the time it’s 10 when I get home.”

Although getting home late and rushing to do homework is an issue for some teens, others have jobs that allow for a little more flexibility.

“I work for Club 360 and I watch kids as an after school program,” Lauren Terry said. “And yes I love working with kids. My job doesn’t really affect my school work because I don’t have a first second or seventh period because I have senior release and work release.”

“I work at Paciugo,” Dallas Mcneely said. “I like my job because it’s really flexible with my schedule. It works well with my school because I can just do my homework there.”

By the time parent’s are paying smartphone and car bills, getting much money out of them is nearly impossible, so having a job gives us a little extra cash.

“I’m a cashier at Rice Lovers,” Kristyn Leung said. “I take phone calls and orders and its super easy but not really fun at all. I keep the job because I pay for gas and basically everything in my car.”

“I work at the Eldorado Country Club and the tennis shop,” Megan Noonan said. “Sometimes its nice when all my hard work pays off and I get a nice paycheck, but the amount of hours and effort I put into my job are stressful. I do it because I have to pay for a few of my expenses and it also gives me freedom to spend as I please.”

Having a job isn’t all about the money though, it teaches you a little more about money and the real world.

“I think everyone that’s not involved in a lot of school activities should have a job because it will keep them busy and out of their parents wallet.” Dallas said.

“I do think other students should keep jobs during the year because it gives you responsibility with your money and helps you learn how to manage your time better.” Sabrina said.

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