Monday , 23 April 2018

Teen Talk: We Like Our Food Fast In 2011

Home cooked meals? Who eats those anymore? For teens, fast food is way to go because it’s cheap and convenient. Although our bodies seem to be able to tolerate the greasy foods now, we all know that it will eventually catch up with us. Eating habits for modern teens are not considerably healthy and schools have been stepping in and trying and help.

At McKinney High School it is against the rules to sell soda to the students on campus and the only beverages available are Yoo-Hoos, Gatorade, water, and milk. Although the students are not permitted to have soda, the school still offers Java City coffee, Chick-Fil-A sandwiches, subs, Pizza Hut pizza and breadsticks. The school even has vending machines with rice crispy treats, cookies, and other sweets. Most students bring their own food to school anyways, but if the schools carried more of what the students actually wanted such as sodas and candy they would probably be able to raise more money to help with funds. Although many teens love to eat whatever they want all the time, others do not have the same mindset.

Guys are envisioned to be muscular, brave, and have facial hair. Girls are expected to have an hourglass figure, clear face, and perfect hair. These stereotypes are a huge factor that influences teens eating habits. Many teenagers, especially girls, have major self esteem issues when it comes to weight and appearance because they are expected meet exceptionally high standards that are set by society. Anorexia, bulimia, and starvation are just a few eating disorders that teenagers suffer from because they are convinced that they must fit the standards that society has created for them. As a high school cheerleader, I have seen first hand girls that will go for days eating only apples and water to lose weight before pictures or fittings. It is extremely difficult to fit the stereotype when you are bigger than a size small and do not always put effort into your appearance. These stereotypes are the reason behind many eating disorders because teens try to make their bodies fit the type because if they don’t, they don’t think they will be successful.

Out of a $170 paycheck about a third of it goes towards food. I am usually on the go and it just seems so much easier to pick up food in the drive thru before cheer practice rather than going home and taking extra time to make something, and the fact that teens in the modern generation are becoming more lazy does not help. Most
teenagers are aware that the predominately fast food diet that we are accustomed to is not healthy but because they haven’t noticed and major issues that occur they simply just don’t pay attention to what they put into their bodies.

I am guilty of eating out more than I should, but when you are on the go it is simply easier to just pick up food from Sonic or Whataburger on your way. Teenagers should be more aware of what they are doing their bodies and should try harder to stay healthy and fit but eating out has become a part of everyday life and let’s face it,
Whataburger and takeout have become new dinner favorites.

Teen Talk columnist Christine Baker is a senior at McKinney High School. Watch for her column on Fridays, as well as other various stories during the week.

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