Saturday , 21 April 2018

Teen Talk: Tis’ the Season to be Hollie

By Christine Baker, TSB Contributor

McKinney’s own Idol Hollie Cavanagh bid her farwell on American Idol on Thursday night, but the hype of having a celebrity in our town was beyond exciting for local teenagers.

“I think it’s really cool that someone from McKinney is on American Idool.” Emily Neerings said. “You see people every year but it doesn’t hit you until it’s someone you’ve seen around McKinney that they are normal people and it can happen to anyone!”

The beloved Hollie was famous all around McKinney, with her name on the signs in front of Sonic, Walgreens, Mcallisters, and even a billboard dedicated to supporting her on Highway 75.

“I think Hollie is a wonderful person.” Lindsey Leathers said. “She has a cute personality and is such a sweetheart. She cares and truly appreciates her fans. I think she has grown so much since her first audition last year, and I love how she went back and tried again. It shows a lot about how bad she wants it and the type of person she is.”

Although there might be a lot of bandwagon fans watching American Idol and supporting Hollie, other more loyal followers find this the most exciting season yet.

“I’ve watched American Idol religiously since Carrie Underwood.” Jackie Harrison said. “My favorite performance by Hollie was River Deep, Mountain High by Tina Turner because it was a major turning point for her and it showed she had depth.”

“I stopped watching after Adam Lambert lost back in 2009,” Emily Neerings said. “I only started watching some this season because the top ten is really good!”

“I watched the first season and then only watched the funny auditions at the beginning of the others,” Lindsey Leathers said. “But I was all over it this year since she was on it!”

Hollie’s popularity grew more and more as TSB hosted Idol watching parties every week and McKinney voted over and over to keep Hollie another week. Just like any other Idol, everyone has their spotlight moments with songs that show their talent.

“I really liked her performance of Rolling in the Deep,” Emily Neerings said “That style definitely suits her voice and stuck out that night of performances.” 

“I think Hollie is a great singer who seems very determined,” Nick Friedman said. “I saw her at a benefit concert last year and she was great. I don’t really watch every season or have a particular (favorite) performance, but I think they are all spectacular.”

“My favorite is The Climb because she puts so much heart and soul into it and sings it so perfectly. It’s unreal,” Lindsey Leathers said. “I don’t have a least favorite because I love all of them but if I had to choose it would be I Can’t Make You Love Me only because I think the judges put too much pressure on her to have all this emotion and they need to let her just be Hollie and do it her way.”

After months of watching our beloved Hollie on national television, even though she wasn’t in the top three it’s still amazing that she made it to the top four.

She will always be “McKinney’s Idol.”

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